The Bearded Gamer Show: Episode 14 - Is Sony Abandoning the Core Gamer?

In this new episode: Xenoblade Chronicles, EA's Online Pass, LEGO MineCraft and Modern Warfare 3 avatars are in the news. News about The Dark Knight Rises prologue in theatres and some crazy Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 glitches. Finally, The Bearded Gamer discusses Sony's decision to focus on families and younger gamers and how that will affect core gamers.

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Ron_Danger2356d ago

Holy trolling for hits article title Batman!!

BeardedGamerShow2356d ago

Or, if you watch the video, Sony has announced they're refocusing on younger gamers and families, leading many to ponder this question and I ADDRESS IT.

Holy commenting without watching, Batman!

Ron_Danger2356d ago

Then why didn't you just stop the article title at "The Bearded Gamer Show: Episode 14"?? Since you covered other things you could've just as easily had them as the article title...

Catoplepas2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

No what you did was take a statement out of context to purposely cause friction and by extension garner hits for your tinpot blog site.

Direct quote from CEO Jim Ryan just to piss on your bonfire:

"The core gamer will absolutely not be neglected. There’s going to be tons of great stuff for the core gamer but from our own studio, third parties there’s some quite interesting stuff happening in a number of areas which would allow us to open up a market that we accessed pretty successfully on both PS1 and PS3 but haven’t yet got to on PS3,” Ryan said.

buddymagoo2356d ago

Where is the guys beard. Just looks like an 80's porno tash to me. Misleading just like the headline.

iamnsuperman2356d ago

Like Catoplepas said you have taking something out of context. Sony are not moving to family games but allowing third party developers to do it for them. Their core teams are still going to create the games they do.

Do not take quotes out of context.

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Machina-AX2356d ago

I'm not sure they could, even if they wanted to ^^

naznatips2356d ago

Er... what? No. They're not selling software very well to any gamer right now, but I don't see how they're abandoning anyone.

Parapraxis2356d ago

Their software is selling just fine.

naznatips2356d ago

You think so? Resistance 3 barely broke 600k worldwide, LBP2 sold less than half as much as LBP, Killzone 3 sold almost a million less than Killzone 2, inFamous 2 has yet to break 1 million (while inFamous easily broke 2) PSP software sales are completely dead in the west, and PS3 multiplats still sell less than their 360 counterparts despite a nearly equal amount of hardware sold.

So yeah, they make great games, and they aren't selling nearly as much as they should be. Franchise performance is declininng pretty much across the board (UC3 does look to be doing better than UC2, as an exception) and basically every single Sony-published game this year underperformed.

Hicken2356d ago

So you don't think R3 will sell a million, since it's already 3/5 of the way there? KZ3 sold a million less than KZ2, but how much did KZ2 sell? Same with LBP2: it may have only sold half as much, but how much did LBP sell, and how many sales were uncounteed digital downloads? inFamous 2 hasn't broken a million yet, but it will, long before it's even a year old. And I love how you've left out the biggest of the Big Guns, UC3.

Not only did you NOT give actual numbers on anything you mentioned, but you leave out the game you absolutely can't deny is selling better than well.

What you'd like to imply is that the games are doing poorly by comparing them to their previous entries. But you're really just showing your ignorance, as all those games, having been out for two years or more, SHOULD have higher sales than games that just came out this year. Additionally, all of them- with the possible exception of KZ3- are on pace to sell more than or equal the amount of copies as their predecessors.

Oh, and like I said: digital distribution screws up your claims pretty badly on games like inFamous 2 and LBP2.

Runa2162356d ago

They see me trollin, they hatin!

And actually, Sony did say they were gonna focus on families and such, but they also said they weren't gonna abandon the core gamer. DON'T WORRY GUYS THEY SAID IT WOULD BE ALRIGHT!

MasterCornholio2356d ago

Whoah Sony abandoning the core? That will never happen Nintendo and Microsoft can do that but not Sony.


_Aarix_2356d ago

theres a ample supply of core titles on all 3 major consoles. If anyone thinks differently then I can safely say they are completly idiotic.

MasterCornholio2356d ago

Thanks for calling me an idiot.

Jeez you don't have to be so sensitive to my comments.


_Aarix_2356d ago

i didnt call you an idiot. You didnt say there wasnt ample supply of core games on the 360 or wii. But if youre thinking that then what I said was true.

mike1up2356d ago

I take it that you have never heard of the Playstation Move?

MysticStrummer2356d ago

I take it you haven't heard that Move has shown it can be used to play traditionally "core" game genres such as FPS, TPS, and RTS with great precision.

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