Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Double XP Weekend (Dec 7th - Dec 10th)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Double XP WEEKEND

Starts: Friday Dec 7th at 10 AM (PST)

Ends: Monday Dec 10th at 10 AM (PST)


We're kicking off a double XP weekend exclusively on the PS3 starting on Friday and lasting till Monday morning. Play at anytime starting at 10 am (PST) through Monday at 10 am (PST) and you'll earn double the XP in every gametype. Rank up higher, unlock more all weekend long!

This is a special limited time deal, so get in there and rank up while the double XP lasts, as come Monday morning it's back to normal XP. See you online!

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Asuka3853d ago

This is for PS3 only, seeing how the rank up servers were resetting everyone's rank throughout this past weekend.

C_SoL3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

So seeing that the 7th is my birthday, i'll take as a present....Thank u IW(:)

Apocwhen3853d ago

So when's the patch out to let me join a game to actually achieve some XP? The way it is I'll be gaining double nothing.

Lifendz3853d ago

from these guys cuz I lost stats and rank due to the crummy servers. I love the game but I'd rather they fix the server problem than give us double xp for a weekend. It seems like 8 out of 10 matches get dropped by the host.

nirwanda3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

I can only vouch for the 360 version but I'm presuming the PS3 version is the same, the leveling system is genius and the challenges concept is just about perfect for additive replay ability sorry if I upset anyone but this is so much better than halo online.

SDFm3rc3853d ago

I wonder if the REAL reason IW is holding this event is to try and boost up the PSN's online activity. It's taking around 5 minutes to start a game. Does it take that long on XBL? :[

C_SoL3853d ago

but when i was playing Halo 3 at my friends house on live, it about 5-10 minutes to start a match. but after we were in a party, everything went fine....

jiggyjay3853d ago

Don't believe that Sony Fanboy! It takes only seconds to get into a game on XBL.. Never had a problem my stats resetting as well.. XBL never has any hiccups compared to some reports i've read on the PS3 version of COD4!

Kleptic3853d ago

the only match type that takes a while to find for me sometimes is free for all...seems like not many people play that type...HQ, sabotage, ground war, etc...always launch within a few seconds for me...

SmokeyMcBear3853d ago

yeah free for all and team deathmatch are hard to get into, but for Headquarters, sabotage, dominatin, and team tactical its literally within 30 seconds of trying to find a match that im in. I think it has to do with points, with HQ, ive scored as much as 400 pts in one round, with team deathmatch, im lucky to get over 80.

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QUNE3853d ago

I thought only MMOs did this. I think the XP is too fast already. Good idea to get people playing though!

Neurotoxin3853d ago

I picked the wrong weekend to be away from my PS3....

*hangs head in shame*

Oh well guess i could dust off the old social life for a while, i hear that pints come in glasses now.

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The story is too old to be commented.