2008 Xbox 360 Game Hype List

Eric Qualls of writes,"Typically, the Winter and Spring seasons are a slow time for the videogame industry. Not in 2008. The sheer number of high profile titles that got pushed from Fall 07 to Winter/Spring 08 is amazing. Sorry folks, your wallet won't get a break. We take a look at all of the games that we know about coming in 2008 in our 2008 Xbox 360 Games Hype List."

"Now, we can't control if games get delayed or canceled or the developer flip-flops exclusivity on us. This is just a forward looking article based on what we know now on what we can expect in 2008. Also, this is not every single game that has been announced, just the ones that we are looking forward to. There is surely a lot that we don't even know about yet, but there are still more than 60 huge games coming in the next 12 months. And even better, many of these games will likely be out before Summer!" See the list below...

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gamesblow3947d ago

Same could be said for ps3 and wii... Half those games listed were multiplatform anyways.

jiggyjay3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

yeah but who's going to provide Hi Def graphics and half the price of that Blu Ray player that Sony is calling the PS3 in 2008? Before GTA4 lauches I guarantee your going to see a the core 360 at $199 which is the sweet spot for gaming consoles..

Edit- GTA4 only needs a harddrive for the downloadable content.. People who bought a PS3 to play games are the biggest idiots there is! LOL Blu Ray is needed gaming! Yeah Warhawk the best game out for the PS3 is only 800mb!

Vojkan3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

You need HDD to play GTA4, so core is useless, but MS counts on naive idiots like you to buy that crap.

BTW- that list is BS Bully?! Yeah everyone is so hyped for that. So much that people waited 2 years, ignoring it totally for 2 years even if it was on PS2.
Do you people realise how pathetic that list is? Full of MULTIPLATFORM, mediocre, old games, unprooven IPs, etc.

MaximusPrime_3947d ago

i was expecting the list to be exclusive to Xbox but over half of them aint.

Burnout Paradise is the one im looking forward to for my PS3. I have the many collection of Burnout for my Playstation.

I had Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360. The game was fantastic and it is brilliant in HD. But the controller setup.. i wasnt used to. i cant even boost my car properly (at the start)

rofldings3947d ago

2008 3shitty slogan:

360 has no games!
360's Game of the Year 2008: RRoD
360 is an upscaling dvd player with no games

etc etc etc, amirite?

PS3PCFTW3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

90 % of those are multiplat!!!!!the remaining 10% will go to pc!!

haha it seems bioshock and gears of war are the only games worth getting a xbox for.

NEVERMIND, HALO3 is garbage and gears of war AND bioshock are on pc. i guess the only thing to get a xbox for is so u can experience the rrod in 640p with 5.1 surround sound

hades073947d ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like for a xbox 360 topic theres alot of PS3 fanboys reading what it has to say and even commenting on it. Why is that? I have a PS2 and a 360 and I dont plan on getting a PS3 anytime soon therefore have no reason to read any news that strictly has to do with the PS3 and waste what little time I have to waste during the day to comment on it, so why are so many PS3 owners so childish to read about another console they seem to hate just to complain and whine about it.

unlimited3947d ago

Wow, a lot of crappy games accept for a few..And most of all of is for the PS3 or even the PC..Sucks to be a 360 owner next year..well its never to late to get the PS3 with all the great deal goin on right now..

PS3PCFTW3947d ago


who are u really? firstknight? the mart? lawman? WHAT XBOT TROLL ARE YOU?

funny how you have only 3 posts

Lord Cheese3946d ago

They just cant help themselves to be honest. there are a few damned annoying 360 fanboys on this site, no doubt, but thats nothing compared to the number of ignorant moron ps3 owners who spend hours searching for places to troll. (And i have both consoles before anyone starts saying i'm an xbot, which i might add is one of the WORST insults i have ever come across in my life, and i am really happy with my ps3, as i am with my 360)

Fanboys (both xbox and ps3) need to get a damn life. You dont like the console you dont own, fine - theres no need to soil articles which may be interesting, and drowning out comments from people that are actually interested in whats being reported. You are ruining N4G. Its only a shame those of us who try and have a sensible discussion about the articles posted here cant ban you from the site permanently. Its getting like a schoolyard in here.

BLUR1113946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

who cares about the stupid console war alot of these games will be awesome omg.. Soul calibur 4 can't wait!

FPS nut3946d ago

Seriously I can just smell the "jealousy" through my laptop. Guys ever stop to consider the PS3 list for 08 would be bigger if PS3 owners bought more games? A 2 attach rate just don't cut it guys, I own about 6 PS3 games but I alone can't fill the gap.

sicknnyc3946d ago

SORRY! PS3 is getting all those games! (The good one I mean)

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Irving3947d ago

Thats a long list. Didn't know 360 had so many exclusives coming out next year to "crush" the competition :/

Btw checkout the first sponsored link at the bottom of the article :D

Neurotoxin3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Erm..... They are not all exclusives thats why, Multiplatform is included.

Correct me if i`m mistaken but i think about 10 are Exclusive to Xbox.

razer3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

in this article did it say that these were all exclusive?? Also, yes I see the Microsoft Sponser right above the SONY Playstation 3 sponser.. If that was meant to be a diss on MS you fail.

Also, this list is way incomplete. I don't even see Project Offset listed which is an exclusive.

SmokeyMcBear3947d ago

haha rebel.. yeah i saw that.. it was priceless

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EDMIX3947d ago

LOL! could the same not be said about the PS3? in fact does this not show how much more the PS3 has then the 360?

And Razar Project Offset is not a 360 exclusive.

PS3 has all the same games and more.LOL!

Iron and the Maiden
Heavy Rain
Eight days
Fifth Phantom Saga
Final Fantasy XIII
Formula One 2
Genji 2
God of War 3
Grand Turismo 5
Hot Shots Golf 5
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Killzone 3
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Solid 4
Motor Storm2
My Singstar
Resistance: Rise of Man2
Shin Megami Tensei
Tekken 6
The Getaway3
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2
White Knight Story
Wipeout PS3
Socom 4 (Published by Sony)
Socom Confrontations
Shadow of the Colossus 2
Tears to Tiara,
Wangan Midnight,
City of Heros,
Tabula Rosa and Just about Every NCSoft game
Unannunced New NCSoft PS3 IP
The Agency
Yakuza 3
Valkyrie of The Battlefield
L.A Noire

Daishi3947d ago

Hey edmix where are the RTS's on your list? Oh that's right, sorry for bringing that up... Well you can always get a 360 cause you see plenty on that list ;)

rofldings3946d ago

Who the hell plays RTS on a console?

rubarb233946d ago

agreed 100% but you forgot one thing dude, the ps3 is so advance, it not only play games and blu ray movies, have a look!

Amazing isn't it?

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PStriple7033947d ago

that's the best the 360 has next year? multi games lol

Honeal2g3947d ago

check this out although ps3 will most definetly have some sick exclusives next year....ppl are still waiting for these multiplatform games ..Devil May Cry 4 is kind of a big deal,this little game called GTA4 yea it will sell, multiplatform doesnt make the game less respectable. wats the fan base of GTA? 14 15 million? wat percent of those ppl will buy it or buy it for 360? cmon now. 360 will be fine as will ps3 ....but now the Wii i can see that decline alot especially in the wake of the ps3 and 360 smash hits comin out.


Really, don't expect nothing near that for GTA IV... GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas sells much, but they sold most of it over time, being in a plataform with 120m units sold... After that, they go XB and PC, sold more... After all, we was talking about a really impreved entire last gen (GTA III come early, but still, it sold less than others) agains only two barely stabilished consoles...

Take my words, till very end 2008, GTA IV will not have sold much more than 5, 6 million... And that if this sells very good.

power of Green 3947d ago

List is not close to being finsish check out IGN's 360 release dates link to see all the 2008 games.

I would approve this but the list is missing too many games.

PStriple7033947d ago

so your happy about games that are coming too the ps3 too huh?

Omegasyde3947d ago

yera but POG keep in mind most of those games will suck :)

THe 360 exclusives do look good however, but I believe Sony has 2008 as far as that goes.

If home ever comes out too I might have to buy PS3 multiplatform games instead of the 360 versions.

B Man3947d ago

I'm happy... only a moron would get depressed over a game (that's coming to the very console you own) going to all of the consoles. Who the f#*% cares man? Everyone on this damn site needs to shut the hell up and play their freaking games. If it is coming to your console, and you'll get to play it, what's there to complain about?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3947d ago

Oh'well, I got a laugh out of it. "Submitting in each others mouths & from behind," KILLER!;) LOL 8D

'08 looks very promising for M$, looks like I'm gonna be broke next year too. :(