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BldyShdw2140d ago

I hope it ends up being awesome as well.

iChii2140d ago

I don't know man..I'm a huge DMC fan and..I don't know what to say about this game. My honest opinion is, this game looks awful. Maybe I'll rent it since I've played every DMC game but, I'm really disappointed. =/

BakedGoods2140d ago

Yeah, that ain't look bad.

DragonKnight2140d ago

I know it's your opinion and everything but, you think this looks good? For one, there's no combat gameplay. Two, the game looks like it was designed for the PS2's early years and hurt my eyes.

I gotta say, it looks as bad as ever. But what else can we expect really? *sigh*

MidnytRain2140d ago

They already showed combat gameplay.

DragonKnight2140d ago

Which was worse than this video.

thaking1552140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )


Nero's Devil bringer is now Dante's scythe. Boring gameplay video with the "Environment threatening to swallow Dante whole element,"

Yawn, wake me up when Devil May Cry HD Collection and Devil May Cry 5 comes out!

StraightPath2140d ago

Dante looks still gay. But game looks alright. Nothing special shifting environments look.

SolidGear32140d ago

I consider the old Dante 'gay'

FunAndGun2140d ago

oh look, the straight path can spot the gays. who would have thought. lol

Heartnet2139d ago

Nice effect though, adds to the atmosphere of chaos and desperation as u try and escape :) and probz harder to pull off than you think ;)

j-blaze2140d ago

this is not Devil May Cry

it's DmC short for "Douche must Die" and that douche will be tameem androgynous when the game flops

UnSelf2139d ago

douche must die = dmd

j-blaze2139d ago

@ UnSelf

it's Douche must Cry then lol

though i hope he takes an arrow to the knee so he could never continue the development of this game!

miyamoto2140d ago

CAPCOM: Dark Void = Trying Hard to be Western
Ninja Theory: Enslaved = All Show But No Go

Shinji Mikami may have used Western inspiration and stuff with Devil May Cry and all his games but he & his staff made the game in their own Japanese way. and this has none of that whatsoever.

It seems Capcom will never learn with Dark Void and Bionic Commando.

Whitefox7892140d ago

I recall this quote from Tameen Antioades about Dante's look.

"If Dante, dressed as he was, walked into any bar outside of Tokyo, he’d get laughed out."

I don't know why but I seem to enjoy Japanese style games more then Western style not saying Western is bad its just that those games leave a bigger impact on me.

OmegaSlayer2140d ago

Not bad, but travelling an envyronment like that without challenging enemies is a bit...blank

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LightSamus2140d ago ShowReplies(1)
bitboi2140d ago

again why is there hate for this game?! (besides his character design). This looks awesome and the world looks to be more alive (literally) than any of the previous DMC's.

Eamon2140d ago

It's not 60fps, it's 30fps. And fans of the previous games would instantly see from the combat that it's slower than previous DMC games. The 60fps and the high speed combat was what made DMC popular in the first place.

Overall though, I admit, it does look decent. If it was a new IP rather than using a well known name like Devil May Cry, I'd have no problems to be honest.

ShAkKa2140d ago

The first one wasn't that fast of a game in terms of combat. Actually the whole speed craziness started with third one so I wouldn't say that's what made the franchise popular.

rezzah2140d ago

Well not only the combat, but the enemies, the characters and the story is what was the msot important for me.

Baka-akaB2140d ago

It was always faster and more elaborated in its raw gameplay than its usual rival franchises as far back as DMC1 .

Such a different variation on the theme is one of the big component making it popular indeed .

SolidGear32140d ago

I've been saying the same thing since this was first announced nearly 1 1/2 years ago. This game will kick the hell out of the old ones. The first was the only good one anyways.

Baka-akaB2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Simple the gameplay doesnt look good enough . And it's not well animated enough imo , bright saturated colors and artificial speed arent enough to mask that .

Like said above if it was a new ip , i might be interested a bit . But asking why is like wondering why would some people freak out at god of war ditching its gameplay for something like DMC 1-4 or bayonetta .

bitboi2140d ago

besides the speed/framerate, how does this gameplay look different from the previous DMC's

Baka-akaB2140d ago

i will look like a feint or an escape , but i'm tired of expanding on that . It's still fairly obvious for most dmc fans .

I'll just say here , that in regard to the video at hands , it's the same mediocre run and script fake platforming we've seen in NT's game such as enslaved , or even the demo .
DMC was hardly ever a platformer , but going from some to almost non interractive non-fail sequences doesnt feel right .
If you can't properly add plataforming on a game, you better not add it at all.

Acquiescence2140d ago

Love the shifting environments: reminds me of Dark City.

WildStyles2140d ago

Anybody find it odd that Capcom hasn't shown Virgil or any other past DMC character? With all the backlash Dante got, something tells me we'll see more when they reveal the other characters.

Eamon2140d ago

This is a reboot so I doubt there will be any old characters reappearing.