Games: The Bourne Conspiracy Interview

Paul Semel interviews Chris Ulm and Emmanuel Valdez, The chief developing officer and chief creative officer, respectfully, of High Moon Studios. The studio that is currently developing The Bourne Conspiracy.

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Eamon3826d ago

Is this the Bourne films turned into a game?

Eamon3826d ago

It would seriously make my day, if they put Matt Damon into the game. He acted Jason Bourne superbly. And why shouldn't he return if he is just going to voice act?

Eamon3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

... they can implement the intense assassin vs assassin fighting scenes in the game and also implement the use of environment (instead of hi-tech gadgets) into the game it will be awesome. Also, the chases and runaways should be just like the movies.

While MGS4 is a slow paced tactical espionage action
They should make The Bourne Conspiracy a fast paced tactical espionage action game!

REMEMBER: Use of environment is a must in the game. Not use of hi-tech gadgets. Like grabbing someone's head and smashing it into a poll. Or to take an unconscious body and use it to land after jumping off a 10 floor staircase. Or spitting your moutfull of drink on a police officer's face to cause him to be off guard.