The Top 10 Best Side Quests Ever

360 Magazine: Side Quest are fun, but which side quests are the best ever? Which side quests would make your side quest top 10? Here follows ours...

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Dailynch2357d ago

Lol, i forgot about most of these. The Skyrim and Oblivion ones really show just how fantastic Bethesda can be.

gaffyh2357d ago

In Oblivion, I really liked the side quest where you go into the painting. That was an insane quest, and it completely changed how the game looked. They could have made an entire game like that

TopDudeMan2357d ago

Yeah, that and every single dark brotherhood quest were awesome.

StraightPath2356d ago

Bethesda is also responsible for making some boring mundane and repititive quests. If only there quest were all interesting but unforutunately not.

ZombieNinjaPanda2356d ago

Only problem is 1 out of 10 side quests being good doesn't cut it. The rest are run here do this, kill this and done quests.

Hell even the bigger side quests were bad. The College for example was a pretty bad one. I'm not gonna spoil it, but for those who played it, they know what I'm talking about.

StraightPath2356d ago

i thought the end of thieves guild was have to do boring tasks to get the guild back to its former far all guilds have been average. only one left is dark botherhood hope that doesnt dissapoint like all others.

heroicjanitor2356d ago

Bethesda are awesome but Blitzball should really be in here imo :( My personal favourite.

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DaveX3602357d ago

Someone sexed up Jack. I just don't get it.

bacano2356d ago

Agreed, Jack was the only character I left to die in the end. Anyway, Subject zero is probably the best mision in ME2. I was high when played it and I really loved videogames that day. The ambientation, the dialogs, the sounds... the decision you must take. Everything is great in that quest. I played the rest of the game on weed, but honestly I found it boring and with bad graphics. The ending was crappy. Jack side quest still is the part I remember best.

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Hazmat132357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

my fav was the side quest in Fallout 3 with the family in the fallout shelter. with that cool fatman.
is this list exclusive to mass effect cause to be honest i didnt look at the list. lol
ok chill brah. lol

jimmins2357d ago

Does the title of this list suggest it's all bout Mass Effect? perhaps if you click the link and just scroll through it you might be in a position to comment?

SOD_Delta2357d ago

Oblivions Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood missions were great.

I also like Yakuzas side-missions. Some of them are just plain funny.

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