Ubisoft: We don't know what is causing Assassin's Creed PS3 issues

Ubisoft Spokesperson Michael Beadle has commented that Ubisoft doesn't know what exactly is causing the freezing problems on Assassin's Creed for the PS3. Ubisoft is investigating the matter but noted a drop in complaints from PS3 gamers who turned off the automated loging feature of PSN.

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solar3793d ago

hey Ubisoft. might want to call up Insomniac, Infinity Ward or maybe Naughty Dog for some advice. they > u

Bubble Buddy3793d ago

i know what's causing the issues = LAZINESS From Ubisoft

jiggyjay3793d ago

Yeah blame the devs for the PS3s weakness! You know what that is? Is that the PS3 is a dvd player first and a gaming machine second! So when you try to optimize a game on there issues like this happen!

rofldings3793d ago

Is that why the 360 version has the same problems PLUS saving problems?

rubarb233793d ago

always looking to blame anything but that shinny piece of monkey sh!t in your living room huh. damn you guys are funny, for ps3 owner's it's all about the waiting or blaming game.
face it girls, ps3 = sh!t

bumnut3793d ago

ive not had any problems with the 360 version, i have finished the game and it did not freeze once.

Power of Blu3793d ago

rubarb23. Thank god! One less bubble and no one needs to put up with your drivel again.

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ATLRoAcH3793d ago

or every game would do this on the PS3.The freezing isn't as bad for me as it was.If I go and die real quick on intention it doesn't freeze.Though it does still freeze now and then.Where's that patch they said went live? Is it not in the US? Because I haven't got it yet but if they still don't know why its freezing then I doubt it will help anything anyway.

LOFT3163793d ago

Live in the UK and since i downloaded it there has not been a problem and i only had the occasional freezing before the patch

MrWonderful3793d ago

well i havent had any issues yet but rainbow six vegas froze up on me

hardcorehippiez3793d ago

already downloaded the patch and it now runs a lot smoother . should have been like that from the start tho. devs are gettin lazy .

marionz3793d ago

its a shame, AC is a great game and im having an awesome time with it on 360

kurochi3793d ago

until it overheats from you playing on the 360 and you get the RROD. toolboy. say something constructive, would you?

Kaze883793d ago

Gues what. I had great time with AC when i played it trough on my ps3. i had 2 freezes in 12hours, no other problems at all.

etownone3793d ago

ps fans always looking for excuses, this time blaming developers.... pathetic,

you guys should be used to the inferior version of games by now. especially now that you guys are getting orange box, one of the best games of all time, but another that suffers on the ps3.

do yourselves a favor and get a 360 already....

Power of Blu3793d ago

Lol and by the looks of your post you REALLY know pathetic!

LOL Idiot!

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THC CELL3793d ago

its the worst game ever i have never seen so much repeat in my life

gamesblow3793d ago

I didn't play it long enough to encounter a problem, cause it sucked... sorry Ubi, maybe next time.