Could Onlive's latest move change core gaming?

CVG: Actually, strike that; I work in the video games industry and on this beat you see something every other day that shouldn't be possible. Still, we'd had almost come to accept that there was absolutely no way that a console or PC quality experience could make the jump to tablets or smartphones.

Yet, this week, streaming games provider OnLive demonstrated to us that not only is its service capable of porting console experiences to mobile platforms, they're capable of offering the same quality of experience, too.

Mobile platforms may have stolen the march on Nintendo's consoles over the last year or so as the 'go-to' platform for casual gamers, but let's face it, core gamers still adhere to the console and PC platforms.

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Stealth2k2446d ago

Controls, and you dont own the games, and streaming quality sucks. No its not the same

GraveLord2446d ago

Nope. Most people(like me) don't have fast enough internet connections to even use OnLive.

So unless internet prices drop(LOL) OnLive will never take off.

Ness-Psi2446d ago

i played darksiders on my xperia play earlier it looked awesome controls arnt fully integrated in to the xperia plays controller but you can use touch screen. also virtual tennis plays excellent on it, amongst others.

DJMarty2446d ago

Not a chance, OnLive sucks.