Nintendo date The Last Story for Europe

Nintendo Universe writes:

Nintendo have today announced the European release date for Wii exclusive RPG, The Last Story.

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jacksonmichael2444d ago

Wow... Before the American release date for Xenoblade. Hopefully the toddler that is Nintendo of America can catch up with his older brother, sooner or later.

Optical_Matrix2444d ago

February is going to absolutely kill my wallet. Even if I don't end up playing Last Story on day one, I'll give them the sale so at least I have it and can go to it when i have time. Can't wait.

tiffac0082444d ago

All you need to do is bring this over to NA, so we can get an English version here in Asia and you will be taking my cold hard earned cash!

Please don't let me import, it cost more money than normal to get the game that way... D:

Instigator2444d ago

Hopefully I've completed Xenoblade by then.

LoaMcLoa2444d ago

On my birthday! Yeeeyuuh!