Is Capcom teasing the next Dead Rising game?

Rely on Horror: "It seems Capcom may be teasing yet another entry in the Dead Rising series. Earlier today the official Dead Rising Facebook page wrote the following: “I’m getting packing for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would i need for a break in paradise?”"

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DaMa2446d ago

Should i label this as rumor instead?

DeadpoolBub2445d ago

Dead Island except done right? Hell yeah! This will also be a nice change in location for the DR series, staying in a mall for a THIRD (technically 4th) retail game would sorta get old.

koh2445d ago

But how about a mall... by a beach?!

Adolph Fitler2445d ago

I think they need to stop milking this franchise, as 1&2 are enough in this series & were too similar to mention, then they come along with another rip-off that should have been $10 dlc for DR2 is the Case Files or whatever it's called, that really is only different in the character you use to trudge through the same enviroments, & with some different, but ultimately samely objectives. I love the series, & 1 & 2 are awesome & perfectly compliment each other & won't be leaving my collection anytime soon.....but fact is fact, & fact is that the series needs to end now.

I am a huge RE old school fan & feel RE has totally lost it's way since RE4...Now while RE4 was a great game, it should have never been associated with the Resident Evil name or brand. It seems that Capcom were trying to make the games transcend into the movies more easily, as the franchise went from giving us truly scary moments (like when you walked up a silent corridoor & smash, you'd jump outta your seat as glass smashed loudly & a zombie doberman latched onto your throat).
Not once has R.E.4 or 5 felt slightly scary or survival horrory, they just feel like horrible controlling inferior 3rd person action/adventure games surpassed 1000 times in content & quality by the likes of Unchartered & Gears ip's.

So in summary, we all should jump up & down & riot, burn Capcom flags & games, sign petitions in protest of Capcom's blatent disregard for us TRUE R.E. fans, slow shuffling zombies that lumber around in giant numbers, zombie dogs that literally have great horror game timing, zombie crocodilians that are just sheerely brilliant, etc, etc.
Tell me Resident Evil doesn't need a reboot back to the more old boot. Just a modern stab at recreating the ultimate R.E. 2 type experience.
Anyone who hasn't experienced the original 3 games, should immediately go out & play R.E.2 as it was the pinnacle of the series & is just a true alltime classic.