GamePro: The Best Games of 2008

You thought 2007 was nuts? Think again. GamePro digs deeper into the 48 most promising games of 2008.

48. Resident Evil 5
Why you should care: Well, Haiti certainly cares. Not only is the beleaguered Caribbean nation the birthplace of the zombie, but it's also Capcom's next stop on the ungrateful dead tour. Resident Evil 5 drops Chris Redfield (you remember him from such Evil games as Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Code Veronica) into the sort of zombie hell you really need a gun-or multiple guns-to escape from.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3883d ago

but RE5 isn`t out until 09, probaly late 09.

jackdoe3883d ago

Agreed. Which sucks a lot.

stunt2133883d ago

whats in top 10 because the article is broken after 11

Mr_Kuwabara3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Man, I can't wait for MGS4. My favorite series since the PSX days...

riqued3883d ago

Good list to see what exclusives Sony and MS have to offer next year.

Pugovitz3883d ago

multiconsole games. As usual, a lot of 360 only games are also on the PC and no PS3/PC pairs. Surprisingly there are more PS3 games than 360; granted it only wins by 1.

Probotector3883d ago

Best games of 2008:

- Smash Bros. Brawl
- Ninja Gaiden II
- Grand Theft Auto IV

RE5 is confirmed to be for 2009, dumbasses.

HarryEtTubMan3883d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 hahahahahahaha you FAIL Xbot

Bonsai12143883d ago

i honestly don't see NG2 being that much of a hit. i agree that its graphics are simply stunning, but its just that, a prettier version of the previous games, i can't see it being one of the best games. now, if there's some stunning gameplay features that make its way into the game, i'll gladly eat my words, but as of now, its just a really really pretty version of ninja gaiden.

to be considered best, i would think the game would have to either completely refine previous gameplay elements or introduce something new to the table.

here's a few games i think will offer new things/completely refine previously established gaming elements:

FFXIII - They're trying to get freeflowing combat much like that seen in Advent Children into game form. (whether they'll succeed or not is yet to be seen. but its square, and i have faith in them)

SC: Conviction - That Bourne feeling where you have to blend in to survive. i don't know how well it'll work, and i don't particularly care, but it seems it'll take immersive spy drama to the next level.

MGS4 - its taking the tested and tried MGS formula and changing it so that you have more options to hide, more ways to play, and its introducing that psychological AI factor as well, which has me very interested in different ways to play through the game

gamesblow3883d ago

Resident Evil 5
FF 13
Silent Hill 5
Devil May cry 4

I'm not even anticipating any of those... I want something new. I've been there and done those many times already. I want more than graphical updates and while GTa "might" offer more to gamers than just graphics, over the others, I'm still unimpressed by all of those games.

I'm more amped about Sony's 1st party offerings... I'm interested in seeing what Microsoft can give us that we don't know about next year too. I want new. This is next gen... I'm sick of these franchises. It's time to start new games. Single IP and move on. Let's not get burnt out on these and run them into the ground.

Maldread3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I get what you`re saying, but isn`t it better to have a mix ? It will probably always be more sequels because they`re a "safe" thing to do, the annual sportgames being the prime example.

But dose it really matter if a sequel does something new with it`s series(and in a well executed way i might add), like Resident Evil 4 did, or as Metal Gear games always does to warring degree ? Would RE4 be much better if it was called "Man with Camera Over His Aiming Shoulder" and therefor considered new ? Don`t let numbers fool you, sequels can be great, even though i`m always a sucker for new and good franchises because that`s definitely needed in an industry.

Tryst3882d ago

Thats why Infamous is the one that is interesting me :)

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