Military Shooter Genre Fatigue

Gamespot takes a look at military shooters and the emerging issue of genre fatigue.

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dinkeldinkse2292d ago

I would have been sick of military shooters in 2009. Seriously, how does everyone keep playing the same generic game over and over again?

It's one thing when you play games casually, but when you play games on a daily basis it should get old after a while.

Jake_the_Dog2292d ago

I'm glad there are other developers trying something different rather than beating a dead horse. Bulletstorm and Serious Sam 3 are a breath of fresh air.

SolidGear32292d ago

I love Bulletstorm so I'll second that. Also love Duke Nukem Forever.

MorbidPorpoise2292d ago

Been the same crap for years, FPS after FPS, where'd the different styles of military games go? Need games like the Full Spectrum Warrior and the Conflict Desert Storm series to start reappearing.

PersonMan2292d ago

I'm pretty tired of all games that use the first person view.

Also, how come I can't see my feet and why do I float up ladders... and why does my body never seem to cast a shadow on the ground. It's like I'm not even there!

Playing most FPS makes me feel like I'm just a floating camera bobbing up and down which is not how I feel in real life.

Killzone 2 and 3 were very good with animations however and I could look down and see my feet. Also, when I wanted to climb something, I saw my hands grabbing the ladder or vaulting over something.

I've been much more into GTA IV, Infamous, and Uncharted games lately. It's much easier to explore in that view to me.