USA Weekly Chart, Week Ending 03rd Dec 2011

USA Weekly Sales.

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user8586212415d ago

Mario is selling like a beast xD

Siren302415d ago

Mario kart wii has been out for over 4 years now and its still selling that great. Who the hell hasn't bought it yet?

NeloAnjelo2415d ago

Three casual games dominate the top three... Typical.

slavish2414d ago

I don't think core gamers should complain about the sales charts. If you only buy few games new and most used/pirated what do you expect? That's why casual are more important then core these day. The industry is shape by there best customers.

PetitPiPi2414d ago

Core gamers or core complainers? I ask because the so called core gamers on this site don't really play any games. They watch Youtube videos and post comments on N4G all day long while waiting for mommy and daddy to give them their christmas gifts.

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