Gamespot - Afterfall: Insanity Review

Imagine being trapped in a fallout shelter after a nuclear bomb transforms the outside world into an unrecognizable wasteland. The tight community of survivors is clawing at the walls to break free, desperate to return to the happier times that everyone still so clearly remembers. In this claustrophobic state, people's sanity begins to slowly unravel. Now imagine being the psychiatrist who has to listen to everyone's problems, day in and day out, until your own thoughts have been tainted by the crazed mutterings of everyone around you. Afterfall: Insanity uses this bleak setup to draw you into this world--to feel the prisonlike restrictions of your domicile--and makes you want to see how this haunted tale plays out. Sadly, the act of playing is rife with problems. Tedious combat serves as your main means of interaction, and the early going is so linear and trite that it's easy to lose focus. But Afterfall: Insanity provides enough atmospheric touches to make it worth pushing through the multitude of problems.

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