Gamespot - Darkness II Developer Interviews Video Preview

Gamespot gets a chance to chat it up with developers of The Darkness II in NYC and find out more about the game and its multiplayer mode.

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Persistantthug2413d ago

I honestly haven't really heard of anyone really thrilled for this sequel...or is it just me?

byeGollum2413d ago

I'm looking forward to it.. I really enjoyed the first one.. I'm glad it isn't being treated like the second coming.

// you won't hear any noises from gamers till review scores come in, oh? "sleeper hit", "this game is now on my radar".

byeGollum2412d ago

Yes it is.. Takin' Jackie 4 a ride for the second time .. with better game-play and visual effects .. why not? plus I like the story a lot.

HellzAssassin2413d ago

I am for sure! Loved the original

2413d ago