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GEV says: Good news treasure hunters! Nathan Drake, Sony’s CEO of adventure and exploring has returned in yet another installment of the highly successful Uncharted series. Is this year’s outing a treasure hiding in the sand, or just another cheap trinket? Let’s find out together, with our review of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

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Ezio20482448d ago

dude, did you even play the game?

Majin-vegeta2448d ago

Crappy site looking for hit's don't even bother just a bunch of nonsense.

Dante1122448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Basically for those who don't want to give this site a hit. He said that almost every aspect of UC3 is inferior to UC2, except melee, VA and the graphics. What I also found weird was the mentioning that UC2 was a huge open game (as if it was open world lol).

Edit: Aww, Night changed his comment in the report section. He wrote "Gimme them hits :D".

Nightshade3862448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Actually our writer lauded the graphics. He disliked the game's story, and the fact the aiming system was a huge step back. He also never mentioned anything about Uncharted 2 being an open world game. Read the article before you comment on it as if you are somehow an authority on the writer's opinion.

ChronoJoe2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

The 'aiming system' has already been patched to be revert back to Uncharted 2s at the time of this reviews publication (not just recently either, over a week ago)

Bad journalism.

DonaldBeck2448d ago

dude, everyone knows this game is great, and great games sometimes get different scores from different reviewers, i agree it does not deserve a 7/10, but a 10/10, and so does all of the other big, and authentic gaming websites like ign, gameinformer, gamepro ect.

Ezio20482448d ago

thanks for the input, Jeff!!

lets see if you get my meaning. =D

HarryMasonHerpderp2448d ago

So true its just a realy realy great game.
It deserves at least a solid 8.
I personaly would give it a 9.5 but
giving it a 7 is just fanboy crap.

P_Bomb2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Review's a bit naff tbh.

"Naughty Dog brought this on themselves however, by creating such a massive game with Uncharted 2, it really left the sequel very few places to go."

The last half of UC2 was buried in snow. UC3 took you from the London underworld to a forest in France to an ocean liner to horse chases in the desert to a lost city to Syria to lil' burgs in the middle east and South America. You don't even get to the desert plane crash on the cover 'til 3/4 way through. In contrast, look at Arkham City where you can see the whole map of where you'll be the next 10 hrs almost right away. Or Portal2 where both campaigns look the same. Even Dead Space2 goes back to the Ishimura and MGS4 goes back to Shadow Moses. No backtracking here.

"Aiming is an entire issue of its own."

I platinumed it with no issue. Aiming was patched almost 2 weeks ago anyways . A current review should reflect this.

"the motivations of the protagonists are never made clear, nor is their ultimate plot."

Sure they are. Treasure, wealth. They say it enough times. They're fortune hunters. Bad guys are after the city for the uniquely contaminated water supply they can use as a bioweapon of sorts, sell it for $$$ or to use as leverage. What's not clear? the ending again. Look at what Sully snags. That's been their motivation for 3 games now and a motion comic. Try to keep up.

Nightshade3862448d ago

First off, I'm not the author, but I am the Social Media Manager for the site and I have played the game. I stand behind the opinions expressed in this review, and welcome opposing viewpoints.

Opinions about plot are generally subjective. What's to one person's taste may not be to another's, so I'll keep my reply to the point about the aiming controls.

The aiming was patched last week, but only IF you went digging for the "alternate aiming" option, hidden deep within the display menus. Which means if you don't know that there's an alternate aiming option that actually works (which many gamers picking this title up for the holidays might likely not know), the game's aiming is effectively broken.

I personally forced myself through the first 20 chapters despite numerous controller breaking moments when I died because despite clearly shooing an enemy in the head multiple times, he shook it off like nothing had happened. The enemies, without the "patch," seem to either have the constitution of 50 Cent, or the uncanny ability to dodge gunfire without actually moving - take your pick. I gave up and turned the game off when the enemies difficulty effectively doubled (as they tend to do near the end of every Uncharted game) because I was sick of fighting with what I felt was an inferior control scheme with regards to the gunplay.

I completed it in 30 minutes after the patch came out because the gameplay was night and day better. But it shouldn't take digging through the settings to make the game play enjoyable.

P_Bomb2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I know you didn't write it. It's all good. I disagree with the buried and broken remark though. Your target audience knows better. Menus are gaming staples where you find everything from toggling subtitles, overscan, inverting, brightness, button mapping, difficulty, sensitivity. Patch isn't buried any more than anything else. It takes longer to get into an online game, which the review neglected to mention (ie.multiplayer).

Skill level is subjective. I didn't share your experience, which is why ND left it as a toggle. Majority of people and reviews didn't fuss. ND just did a favor for those that did. Same way Ubi' patched inverted controls into the SC Collection even though it too didn't affect me in any way. All in all...peanuts compared to what the Bethesda crowd is going through right now. If UC3 is a broken 7, what's Skyrim?

GribbleGrunger2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Gawd! this is going to make me so unpopular, but...

I was very disappointed in the third game too. i loved Uncharted 1, the beginning of something very special, and adored Uncharted 2, the pinnacle of gaming in my opinion, but Uncharted 3 just seemed to lose something.

I felt funnelled through the plot, forced into moving forward with every set piece and environment, with no sense of exploration... and that's what i love. there were lots of fillers too, from pointless pursuits as a child and as the grown up Drake, to drug induced melting camera tricks. visually it improved on both the previous games without a doubt, but the crisp and epic scenery was simply that; backdrops to this 'lead you by the nose' adventure that left you wanting to delve into those sumptuous graphics to seek out hidden corners with treasures... but you just couldn't. that path was so linear that it became frustrating.

the fighting system seemed similar to me and i had no problems aiming; although i did get the sense that the enemies were somewhat stupid, running straight into the line of fire regardless of cover or how many people you had by your side. it was almost as if i was playing online (and i hated that with a vengeance)

7/10 is a fair score as far as i'm concerned. if i'd have written a review directly after i'd finished playing or only based on how it stood beside it's prequels, it would have been lower.

I love ND and all they stand for, but by christ the deadline stands out in this game so clearly i could cry.

i sold it immediately on completion and bought Skyrim with the money. Boy, i've had a bad few weeks. roll on this Saturday

beavis4play2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

agree with control issues - they are there ( the one that almost made me break my controller is being directly over a shield and repeatedly hitting the triangle button....only to die because i wasn't hitting the TINY hotspot they had for it to be picked up - even though i was standing on top of it and hitting triangle as the onscreen prompt said!).

but, the overall package: look,atmosphere, action, locales....etc...etc.. don't allow this game to be scored a 7 - i'd say 8.5

it'still an outstanding game and loads of fun...i also love the story....if the controls weren't so wonky, i'd easily give it a 10.

The Iron Sheik2448d ago

Just another trash site trying desperately to gain some traffic. Nothing to see here. It's sad that Naughty Dog worked so hard on this game and some people just trash it to get a few more hits.

The hate parade on this game just won't die. It's funny how Skyrim Batman AC and Gears 3 don't get this kind of hate but U3 does. Could it have something to do with the console U3 is on?

@nightshade I platinumed the game before the alternate aiming patch and crushing was way easier than I thought it would be. Maybe its you and not the game.

Drekken2448d ago

The hypocrisy in this industry is a real turn off. UC3's aiming was fine... not game breaking, plus they fixed it recently and the game gets bashed.

Skyrim is full of glitches and unplayable for some and its the perfect game.

Its just lame.

TheRealLando2448d ago

I think much of the difference comes from the types of games they are. Just my two cents. One is a 200+ hour epic. The other a 10 hour action adventure where controls mean everything.

kneon2448d ago

I finished the game on crushing without changing any aiming option, I don't understand why people are having problems.

OmniSlashPT2448d ago

The plane scene or the cruise ship scene have more technology, physics, lightning, texture, modelling and programming than probably all the Skyrim world. No game out there has set pieces that can be even compared with UC3 plane crash or cruise ship. Besides, UC2 has a lot of flaws and the story is a mess, but people now think of UC2 as the 'perfect game' and UC3 is just the failed sequel. UC3 deliver what we were expecting, a solid and breathtaking experience. UC2 was just the surprise of this generation, nothing can beat that WOW we all fell when we watched the E3 09 gameplay.

Nightshade3862448d ago

The ship junkyard and cruise ship scenes were clearly the best part of the game. BUT they were completely disjointed and unconnected to the plot. This makes what is the most interesting part of the game feel like filler to stretch out what was overall, both a poorly conceived and executed plot.

trouble_bubble2448d ago


Quit while you're behind. The boat was unrelated to the plot? Dude. Sully got kidnapped and that's where Drake believes he's being held so he goes there to save him! Sully is the ONLY ONE who knows how to get to the Atlantis of the Sands and is Drake's BFF so saving him is -kinda- central to the plot LOL.

Wow, the trolls on this game. Mario's been saving the Princess and Link's been saving Zelda for 20 years. Drake takes a couple levels to save his mentor and peoples' IQs drop at the speed of light.

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TheRealLando2448d ago

Holy Christ - to the people claiming the site is trash because the game got a 7/10, get a clue. Differing viewpoints are fine and encouraged but to act like there is an agenda here, for a site WITHOUT ads is ludicrous.

A 7/10 isn't exactly a bad score but take a step back and reflect for a moment - This game isn't as good as about 4 other games that are out this holiday season, and not nearly as good as UC2. If you don't agree that's okay but don't rip the author and site for not sharing your viewpoint. Some people prefer chocolate, some prefer vanilla. It may just be that the author didn't enjoy this entry in the series as much as the last and the review reflects that.

majiebeast2448d ago

Trashy site needs hits its funny how we never hear about the big flaws of arkham city that game is a 7/8 at best. But no that gets 10s all across the board for what a rushed story boring melee and broken stealth gameplay.

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