The Last of Us: I’m Not Jumping to a Zombie Conclusion

GOS: "The first trailer which depicts scenes of civil unrest and quarantine zones gives off a post-apocalyptic vibe and has me thinking the game will take place either during the end of days, or will have the player or players (please be co-op) dealing with the aftermath.

My theory is that either man or nature itself mutated the Cordyceps virus, and humans are now being infected with a virus that turns us into hideous monsters.

I said monsters…not zombies.

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CharlesDCI2361d ago

This game has me very excited.

THC CELL2361d ago

I want something like the mist or the thing

360ICE2361d ago

Just more jungle than city and i'm satisfied. Would be cool with a free roaming zombie survival where weapons were very rare and killing one zombie was tough as hell. Stealth, finding food, survival would be the notes to remember. But something else than zombies = also cool

Tommy3342361d ago

I'm thinking the return of "Clock Tower".

sjaakiejj2361d ago

I'm guessing it's either an already established franchise, or a new IP by a highly appreciated developer. I see zombies in neither of those.

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The story is too old to be commented.