90° Miyamoto is stepping down – What his games gave to us growing up.

Serigu Miyamoto has announced he is retiring from his current position at Nintendo. He wants to continue to working on smaller titles with shorter developments cycles, be more involved with the game development process and work with young developers he said. This is is huge news for the world of gaming because it is odd to thing that the man who sculpted so much about the industry including, character design, common game mechanics, good practices and overall good game design is stepping down at a high place at Nintendo. a company we all grew up with.

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Studio-YaMi2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

"Reuters reported that Shigeru Miyamoto denied that he would step down from his current role and take on smaller projects at Nintendo, so that younger designers can lead the way for the company. Nintendo's spokeswoman said there was a misunderstanding in yesterday's report, Miyamoto just wanted to train younger generation, and he has no intention to retire. Shares of Nintendo fell 2% follow yesterday's step-down rumors."

Damn you rumor spreaders -_- ..

erasure2422447d ago

Who is Serigu Miyamoto?

As for Shigeru Miyamoto.. well he is not retiring.