Rayman Origins PlayStation Vita Launch Title

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's PlayStation Vita already has a stellar launch lineup, with games like Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Now you can throw Rayman Origins onto the pile.

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Kurisu2445d ago

It will be interesting to see how this game sells seeing how it's already on multiple platforms anyway.

MasterCornholio2445d ago

What I love about thus game is the art style which will look incredible on the Vitas OLED screen. I am always happy when I see Ubisoft release something other than shovelware or Assasins Creed.


WooHooAlex2445d ago

I was going to pick it up for PS3 but I decided to wait and play it on Vita instead.

I'm buying Modnation Racers and Uncharted at launch, Rayman will be my next one after that.