BF3 Back to Karkand may cause PS3 freezing problems

Product-Reviews writes: The new Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack for Battlefield 3 is undoubtedly a great deal of fun and offers players a wealth of new content to enjoy, but it looks like DICE may have one serious problem on their hands as there are frequent complaints coming in about PS3 system crashes after installing the new pack.

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tr00p3r2199d ago

Froze twice on two occasions, both on Wake Island. Hope they sort it out ASAP. Really annoying if you manage to get inside the Tunguska and it freezes.

Fylus2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

I haven't experienced any freezing issues but I'd REALLY appreciate a which fix to the QBU-88 SOON. I feel like a stereotype gang member when I use it.

Majin-vegeta2198d ago

Hmm no problems here and i played a good amount today.

eak32198d ago

I haven't experienced any freezes either and have put in a decent amount of time also.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Hate games having freezing n gliching problems, thats what sums up this generation of gaming. Dlc and patches

Ocean2198d ago

Yeah agree with you there Baddo

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