Why The Momentum Of The 3DS Won't Last writes: A few weeks ago, Ben wrote an article stating the importance of Mario Kart 7 - the game that would save the troubled Nintendo 3DS console. It needed to usher in an era of connectivity that the 3DS was lacking, build a sense of community through online rivalries, and prove to gamers that the little handheld that could, would be a true contender to the upcoming PS Vita.

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ronin4life2418d ago

Seeing as how releases of great games actually increases in jan. Onward (especially in Japan), I fail to see what he means by lack of games. Even third parties are offering decent support into next year.

schlanz2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Reason why it will last:

Nintendo supports its platforms, and Nintendo games are (generally) fantastic.

EDIT: also, the Vita is the least of the 3DS worries. If anything, it's the rise of mobile phone gaming that will present a potential threat. As much as I didn't believe that even just one year ago, the capabilities on android and iOS are advancing rapidly and for many people their offerings satiate the craving for on the go gaming for a cheaper price and without the need for a separate device.

I for one don't care how good mobile gaming gets; Nintendo games are enough of a reason to own any Nintendo platform. 3rd party support is mostly just a cherry on top.

klecser2417d ago

I would agree with you except for the control issue. No one (not even Xperia Play) sports a mobile experience with decent controls. Its superficial gaming.

schlanz2417d ago

You're generalizing too much. True, certian games benefit from a controller and buttons, but there are plenty that work fine without them. The general public, and kids, aren't concerned with having AAA handheld games on the go. For them, games like angry birds with simple premises and controls are enough to whet their appetites.

That isn't to say handhelds are doomed because of iDevices/Droids/Tablets, but the market is definitely going to be a little more segmented as a result.

Think about all the older generation DS purchasers who got one simply for Brain Age and CrossworDS. They won't feel like they need a next gen handheld when their phone is perfectly capable of handling those kinds of games.

Also just one more note: touch screen controls have come quite a long way. I sunk a solid 30+ hours into Order and Chaos, a WoW clone developed by gameloft. The game is unequivocally impressive for a handheld offering, with tons of detail, quests, massive environments, and excellent networking capabilities. The touch screen controls are responsive and intuitive. Are they as good as a regular controller would be? Of course not. But they certainly were more than adequate.

klecser2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Perhaps I am. The point I'm trying to make is would you (or lots of gamers) be satisfied if iOS games were the ONLY handheld gaming experiences available? I wouldn't be. I want my games to be portable, but not portable because I only have a few minutes to play. I need mine portable because I only have one TV in my house and I can't play games while my wife watches TV. I need to choose between portable gaming or NO gaming. You may be surprised how many people that describes. So, if it were ALL iOS, we would miss out on portie experiences that can deliver what systems have delivered thus far. I would quit gaming if it was only iOS with limited controls for portability.