Turok: Enemies Look Alot Like Killzone's Helghast

Turok: Enemies Look Alot Like Killzone's Helghast

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RadientFlux3876d ago

To be fair it's not like the Helghast character is a unique take on a bad guy, through out the history of FPS there has always been heavily armored (faces covered) bad guys.

It allows the developer to reuse the same character model and also a great way to make them appear more evil due to the lack of facial features.

Kholinar3876d ago

there was an anime years ago that really used this to good effect... man, my mind just won't bring it up.

Anyway, since then it's been game after game that uses this precise look, like you said, to portray a faceless, cold, stormtrooper-type evil.

fopums3876d ago

dont worry you'll be at one bubble soon enough :D

Bolts3876d ago

And you like gays right?

Relientk773876d ago

Dinosaurs dont look like Helghasts

jk :)

gamesblow3876d ago

No, Helghast are actually pretty cool... That whole game seems very generic to me.

BloodySinner3876d ago

There's a huge influence there...

fopums3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Now your completly right, they are total knock offs of the jin roh guy's apperance wise, but the Helghast have a great backstory which makes up for there not completly original apperance, and the different ranks of helghast start looking like somthing more there own and less like carbon copies of the jin roh guys.

They Helghast have a good reason to hate everyone else, not just another "oh hi where aliens were going to kill you now lol" which seems like every first person shooter today.

edit: Well the covenant and the Flood were implemented very well with the First Halo, and the Chimera from resistance were not in any way bland from a story telling point of view, its just a bit tiresome for Aliens to always be the antagonist's. and the Helghast were human and "inhuman" at the same, they are made out to be sadistic killers which they of course are, but there grudge agianst vetkans is valid.

of course thats just my opnion and preference. I still think the flood attack in Halo:CE was the best "oh sh!t" moment I have had playing an FPS title.

Xi3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

the helghast are just The proles from "1984" except swept away into a more harmful polluted environment, and they started to rebel.

not as unique as say, aliens that wish to preform a religious cleansing on the universe while going through a civil war, or wish to make a sustainable feeding ground for the nihilith and enforce a totalitarian rule on eath.

and the character designs are very close to a rip off, but everything is now and days. So i'm not saying it's a bad thing.

The prophets were more or less abandoned by the forerunners as they[forerunners] chose to assimilate themselves into humans instead. Then there's the whole religious pursuit as they tried to rectify their power in the name of the forerunners. Sort of like one brother is favored over another but instead of being humble about the situation the covenant attempt to prove their dominance. I wouldn't call their lust for the destruction of humanity as invalid, but very justified.

Honestly though, the helghast are really a carbon copy of the proles, just taken to the step that Winston Smith had hoped.

Kholinar3876d ago

great catch. I was struggling to think of Jin-roh.


Kholinar3876d ago

errr... not exactly. Jin-roh and Red Spectacles are both parts of the Kerberos saga. Yes, Red Spectacles was released earlier, but the manga was the inspiration for both.

So, if you're going to get that technical, all of these are rip-offs of the Kerberos Saga manga...

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