Is The Last of Us Newspaper Hiding Something? delves deeper in the Newspaper screenshot for The Last of Us. Is there more to it than meets the eye?

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Dante1122416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Lol, I wouldn't say that it's officially an zombie game just because there's an eye in the newspaper, plus there's the whole fungus push (Not saying that I wouldn't mind a zombie game if the plot and "survival horror" aspect is true to it's name and strong). And if it's Resident Evil 6 then I'm truly shocked since "The Last of Us" is a PS3 exclusive. I'm just gonna wait until Saturday.

RedDead2416d ago

The Youtube page of this is up since 06 so it can't be RE6. New Ip, or I am legend video game

Tapioca Cold2416d ago

Nope, it's not hiding anything. I can read it. Can't you?

Chapulin2416d ago

I does look like a Zombies face.

AKA2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

ohhh i saw a monkey(gorilla) face right on top of the "eye"
above of "made in america"
i guess if i find anything else i can't say since i only got one miserable bubble.. lol

edit, i also see eyes (a face) on the white sticker that is covering the "Obama" picture! but that may be normal, it may have been a sticker of a face and when you take it out it leave the marks of that sticker on.

Chitown712912416d ago

that its gone be a total curveball when its finally revealed.... Heres an idea. Your not fighting zombies, your fighting everyone else trying to kill you. A virus hits a select few (that you are apart of) , and you all keep running from the government looking for a cure........kinda cliche, but hopefully it won't be a regular zombie game. What do you guys think?

Chitown712912416d ago

LOL P.S. I dont want any agrees or disagrees just wanna discuss

exsturminator012416d ago

I'm thinking fungus-people zombies at this point. I hesitate to say a genre, since so many shooters try to act "scary" and so many horror games are "shooters." The screams at the end of the ant trailer (see post below), make me think they're going for a horror vibe, so fingers crossed its something scary and not another gray-wasteland shooter. As for a twist...well, if they actually made it scary, that would be a good twist at this point, lol

Chitown712912416d ago

Agreed. But I was also thinking maybe their showing the ant and fungi thing as sort of a metaphor, and maybe it has nothing to do with what we think it is....(although the scream is kinda throwing that theory out the window lol)

smashcrashbash2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I always though of that concept for a game, that everyone is against you, not just a certain group or country or anything just EVERYONE. And I am not talking zombies or monsters but people being driven or compelled to attack you kind of like in Condemned.

I once saw thks show that was kind of like how Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Outer Limits is and this person put a hate curse on this guy. And everyone was compelled to hate him to the point of friends and strangers trying to run him over, shoot him and even attack him with power tools. His wife even tried to kill him for no reason other then unnatural, unprovoked seething hate. It would be the ultimate survival, you and the uninfected against everyone else. Not very good odds at all.

@ exsturminator01. I thought of that too. All this could just be symbolism. A greater force taking over in secret maybe?

Chitown712912416d ago

Exactly dude lol. Lets hope this is the direction their going with this.

paulatreides252416d ago

Its great something like that is what i want

exsturminator012416d ago

Btw, has there always been screaming at the end of the ant trailer at I rewatched it and only just noticed the creepy sounds at the end.

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