OnLive Preparing Television And Blu-ray Support For 2012

In OnLive’s newest press release, they hinted at the ability to play OnLive on Internet-connected Blu-ray players and Vizio televisions. Thanks to new information from OnLive, we’ve learned that the Blu-ray and Vizio clients have been delivered to the manufacturers. Whether or not OnLive’s client gets implemented into their devices is now entirely in the hands of the manufacturers .

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slayorofgods2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

This is definitely the right direction, no one want to make a big investment in buying a streaming device just for on live. A even better move would be to stream through gaming consoles so you don't even need to buy a controller.

OnLive still faces a uphill battle due to its lack of content and the fact that other gaming rigs gives you a better gaming experience. At best OnLive could make a successful gaming rental service, but I just can't see it leading in digital sales over steam, psn or live. Main reason: Hardcore gamers already invest in the hardware and have little problem doing it, and casual gamers are content with angry birds type of games.

gamingdroid2442d ago

My experience with it wasn't all that great and the picture quality was so so.

I wonder if anyone actually care about OnLive as I keep hearing about them, but....

slayorofgods2442d ago

Gaming rig or console > OnLive

It will be like this for a very long time.

Ducky2442d ago

I use it more like a way to preview games than to actually own it.

It's like a demo, except without the hassle of downloading or installing it. Being able to watch friends (or other people) play is an interesting bonus as well.

I kind wish next-gen consoles have a similar feature; stream what your friends are playing.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2442d ago

Depending on your internet speed you get better picture quality. I had no problem playing in HD and crystal clear but thats because i have 50mbs internet and never get any hiccups.

2441d ago