Here's what Ninja Gaiden 3's multiplayer looks like

Joystiq - We know, we know -- the gallery below isn't quite a trailer showing off Ninja Gaiden 3's new multiplayer mode, but it is the first we've seen of the four vs four competitive slicer. Head past the break -- carefully -- to take a peek.

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Lavalamp2414d ago

I shall play this with my Power Rangers Ninja Storm soundtrack blasting like a boss!

Skip_Bayless2414d ago

They need to get this right for next generation. I think next generation is when we will see multiplayer games that include different gameplay genres and mechanics into one game.

3rd person multiplayer games that include platforming, swimming, shooting, spells, rpg, good graphics, and open world.

It is the "ultimate game" we can daydream of but next generation is when we will see it.

2414d ago
Skip_Bayless2413d ago

They can't do it this generation because it the games would look like crap.

banner2414d ago

4vs4? i didn't know they was doing that.

jetlian2414d ago

you can play with more than just swords

Darrius Cole2414d ago

I need to see it in motion. I am a hardcore Ninja Gaiden Fanatic so I am going to get the game one day one pre-order regardless.

SuicidalTendencies2414d ago

My guess is that NG3 will do well on PS3 and bomb on the 360. You Sony only fans are used to playing the inferior NG games anyway. I'll be passing on this sad excuse for a NG game and eagerly wait for Devil's Third.

Tanir2414d ago

wtf kinda garbage are you spouting? Sigma 1 had more content and better graphics than NG1, and sigma 2 while no blood had far more content.

and 360 games are normally the beta's with their incomplete star ocean, tales of vesperia, eternal sonata, and basically any game that got sent to the ps3 all came with more content than the 360 version had, stop trollin

SuicidalTendencies2414d ago

More content does not mean it's a superior game. It's sad that your standards are so low. Besides how's Skyrim running for you on PS3? lol

Spitfire_Riggz2414d ago

Hows Back to Karkand running on your Xbox.. oh wait

SuicidalTendencies2414d ago

Seriously? Your best comeback is about DLC that will release next week for 360 fans? lol

cochise3132414d ago


how are those exclusives going for ya? stop trolling.

SuicidalTendencies2414d ago

They're going great for me since I own both systems. How about you?

Spitfire_Riggz2414d ago

It was just a joke man lol, that was obvious since COD has month long exclusive deals with 360

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