Skyrim Patch 1.4 Release May Fix PS3 Lag Problems, New Hope Awaits

Pinoytutorial: Skyrim players are now waiting for the arrival of the next patch after 1.3 said to be the remedy for those memory-related issues on Playstation 3. Here's an interesting report coming from the gamingsphere.

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Colonel_Dante2357d ago

Except, I wont hold my breath

T9002357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Its an amazing game and very well coded, runs great on my laptop nvm my desktop PC wonder whats up with the PS3.

Edit: wonder why the disagrees, it really does run great on my laptop, maybe not 60fps but its easily doing 40 fps atleast.

Focus2357d ago

RAM. Holding back the generation. Great for pretty games, but not much else.

Neko_Mega2357d ago

Because stuidos like this don't take time to build games for each system, I'm just happy I'm not playing this one on 360.

I try it out and man I found alot of bugs, plus the list of bugs in this game is long for PC and 360 (Problem is, PC is more easy to fix).

T9002357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Well the modders mostly fix the bugs on the PC version. Just like they did for oblivion.

Problem is this is a large scale game with alot happening, hence we cant really blame Bethesda for the for the few bugs here and there, overall the game is amazing.

VINNIEPAZ2357d ago

"Problem is, PC is more easy to fix"

Wait....what? And this is a problem how? I've been playing the PC version for over 70 hours and nothing game breaking yet. I still cant get over how stupid that comment was

andibandit2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )


sorry but had to bubble you down for trolling.

go read the bethesda forum:

,especially the PS3, 360 and PC subforums
and tell me one more time that you are happy that you are not playing it on 360.

sorry but you really pwned yourself with an arrow in the knee

Tenkin2357d ago

It's a bad 360 port on pc

Jazz41082357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

What the heck are you smoking. Your comment made zero sense unless your just trying to make yourself feel better as everything you said was false.

reynod2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )


Its called console gamers getting jealous that PC is an open platform and can be fixed by the community(if needed), while the console audience desperately waits for the developer to do something.

Intentions2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

What are you guys on about. This is the PS3 version they are talking about. Why are you bringing x360 into this??


aPerson2357d ago


His comment is stupid as **** for sure, but how on earth is he trolling anyone? C'mon, dude.

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KwietStorm2357d ago

news for gamers and off-topic comments for everyone!

TheComedian2357d ago

Well that is great and all I still haven't bought the game (PS3 gamer) due to the stuff I've heard.If they fix the lag and crashing I'll most undoubtedly buy it but...I have to voice my disagreement over patching the backwards flying dragons.That stuff is gaming comedy gold I tell you.

Jdoki2357d ago

If you are really keen on this game I wouldn't let the negative comments stop you buying it right now.

I've been playing the PS3 version since Day 1 and have put in around 60hours. I encountered serious lag after a while, but the last patch has sorted out 99% of the problem.

I've only had one crash and one bugged quest. I didn't lose anything during the crash as it happened right after an autosave. The quest bug was sorted by loading an earlier autosave and retrying it.

Overall the game is immense fun. I'm sure there are other gamers having bigger problems, but of the people I know playing it, they are not seeing the kind of problems many are calling game breaking.

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