Female video game role models in demand

Viperine (pictured) lost her arm at a young age after she was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Today, she is part of a vigilante group that liberates those forced into “slavery and inhumane experimentation".

And she is vying for recognition as a Fantastic Femme - a “strong female role model character" designed for a video game as part of a competition run by the Queensland University of Technology.

Penny Sweetser, who lectures on games and interactive entertainment, said the aim was to challenge the norm of featuring sexy, voluptuous female figures in video games.

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Pozzle2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

'Viperine lost her arm at a young age after she was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Today, she is part of a vigilante group that liberates those forced into “slavery and inhumane experimentation".'

NGL I'd probably play it.

buddymagoo2290d ago

I think first we have to challenge the role of male figures in video games. It is not just women who have this problem of a typical mould of a lead character.

rdgneoz32290d ago

Yep, most of the male characters in games are on steroids...

Pikajew2291d ago

Does it matter if we play a man or woman in a game? everyone is equal

Kinetix2290d ago

There isn't equal representation though. This is similar to the concern that there aren't many minority role models/protagonists. It's a lot worse in Hollywood though and this may be an area where video games can take the opportunity to show how it doesn't stick to the old prejudices Hollywood sticks to. Doubt it though.

nCiTy2290d ago

Damn what was that poisonous snake doing in the kitchen. But no for real, girls wont play a game cause a girl character is to sexy?

RianQ2289d ago

Would you play a game where the male lead was prominent man-candy with plenty of arse-shots and manly pecs every minute on the minute?

Hicken2290d ago

They're not in demand.... well, I guess they are.

But not by any majority, be they female or male. GAMERS play games with good shit in em, be they characters, stories, gameplay, etc.

FEMALE gamers don't want to play games. They want to play FEMALE games, and so demand that things be adequately feminine... without being too feminine.

Gaming predominantly appeals to males, just like hunting/guns, racing/cars, and politics. Even though the opportunities are there for females to like or take an interest, it's something that just, for some reason, draws men in more.

The only one of those that needed any fundamental changing was in politics, where women weren't allowed to take part. Aside from that, these activities are things that men like more than women; the women that get involved don't try to change everything about them so that they're 50/50 for males and females. They accept the activity for what it is and still enjoy it.

Hell, it'd be like women suddenly wanting action movies to have more romance in them, or other things that particularly interest women: it defeats the purpose of it being what it is. Gaming is largely male-dominated, and while I'm the first to step up for gender, racial, or sexuality equality, I just can't agree with this "movement."

You don't hear gay people claiming there aren't enough homosexuals in games, or that they're always being portrayed stereotypically.

D3mons0ul2290d ago

Actually a lot of the people complaining about women being too "sexy" or wearing "impractical" things are guys.

Which is even more retarded.

palaeomerus2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

" Female video game role models in demand"

Why? In games you do things, usually through an avatar. You should not look to any fictional avatar in a game as a role model especially if it's unrealistic adventure. They do whatever YOU do in accordance with the fictional rules of the scenario. What they do has little to do with real life. there's not much to learn from them.

What can you learn from Master Chief? Obey the fake space government that kidnapped you as a child, surgically altered you, and brainwashed you? Don't drive vehicles off of cliffs? Blow up any giant ancient space structure built by advanced sentients who disappeared that you happen to find because they might wipe out all life? back off and wait for your energy shields regenerate?

What can Kratos REALLY teach us about anything? Samus? Link? Even Gabriel Knight? Tommy Vercetti? Jade? Who cares?

This is a really really really stupid premise. Male or female doesn't matter that much. Finding role models in games is idiotic. You are not supposed to learn about your own life from them. You are only supposed to play them in a garbage in/garbage out manner.

If someone wants to make an interesting female character great, but in the big picture so what? It has nothing much to do with the human condition or life or learning. This is a misplaced idealism.

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