Gears of War 3: 'The Killer App' For Xbox 360

IndustryGamers spoke with Dana Cowley, Senior Public Relations Manager for Epic Games, who worked hard to get us some answers about the development and marketing of Gears of War 3, roping in Rod Fergusson of Epic and Guy Welch of Microsoft to help with some of these questions.

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gypsygib2237d ago

Halo is still the killer app for 360.

It's a much better series IMO in terms of SP and MP.

Also, Halo could easily branch out into major films while Gears never could (shallow story with meat head characters), plus halo sells a lot more.

As a 360 owner, I'd be a lot more upset if there were no more Halo games than Gears. Still upset about Bungie not making them, not sure if the series is going to be any good now.

gamingdroid2237d ago

Personally I prefer Gears of War, but Halo is another fantastic series I enjoy a lot.

FCOLitsjustagame2237d ago

I agree. I would rather play Gears but am more than happy to play both. In fact Halo Reach pulled me back into the series when I was no longer that excited about it. I am now looking forward to see what they do with the next one.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

I'm the biggest Halo fan around. Read all the books and put a lot of time in the Halo Multiplayer. I agree with you with Halo being Microsoft's main title. The Gears franchise is awesome but it's not at the same level as Halo and to be fair, not many titles are. At least in terms of story. I been reading a lot about the future of Halo and I can assure you that it's in good hands.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2237d ago

Halo is pretty decent, enemies though cartoonish fit really well. Story wise its hard for me to get interested but gameplay is good. Overall gears for me is more appealing, it wont match halo's sales but the overall quality is imo better. Again to emphasize, my opinion not fact, still click on the disagree!