Skyward Sword is AWESOME

VGAA's swords are Skyward as their adventure begins!

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pcz2448d ago

really, i mean, its solid, but its not exactly blowing my socks off. its just a great game, but nothing as special as ocarina of time.

GribbleGrunger2448d ago

agreed, i'm borrowing this off a friend when he's finished it. i watched him play for quite some time though and i saw nothing to shout about at all. it seemed bland with pallid colours... but it is a Zelda game and i want to play it

superman2448d ago

It's definitely amazing. But my favorite thing about the game is the combat. It's addictive and just so great. I wish more games had combat like this.

sarshelyam2448d ago

It's awesome, when it wants to be. I still find myself having to re-center the aim every 5 minutes or so, and as much as I'd like to think that's not an really pulls me out of the experience. It's interesting how this game can be both a testament to how Motion Control SHOULD and SHOULD NOT work.

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