Nintendo is Ready to Re-Think Zelda

The man in charge of the Zelda series at Nintendo says he's ready to make big changes in the series. He's not guaranteeing them, but in an interview in the new issue of Game Informer magazine, Eiji Aonuma says the time for big changes may finally have come.

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jacksonmichael2418d ago

"Aonuma expressed mixed feelings about adding voice-acting to the series, an element that many vocal fans call for."

Pun intended?

Spenok2417d ago

I wonder what he means. And what type of changes the game would actually see. I for one an EXCITED to see the next game in glorious HD!! If everything else stayed the same, and my eyes got to look at the world of Zelda in HD i would be satisfied :D

mike1up2417d ago

I never thought that i would say this, but i hope they keep the motion controls. Skyward Sword's motion plus combat is so addictive.

Canary2417d ago

I don't want them to keep the motion controls--I want them to be improved upon. Until it's perfect 1:1 control, never feel satisfied!