Skilled Wipeout 2048 Player blasts through Queens mall (TecStories)

TecStories: Watch rare footage of a gamer, that actually knows how to play wipeout, race at Queensmall track probably using Rapier class.

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potedude2564d ago

I love Wipeout but it is so hard.

Easy to pass on normal setting but when you bump it up it gets insane. This guy is good but did make a few mistakes. I don't remember seeing this track on the PS. Is it only on the PSP?

TheHardware2564d ago

dunno but he is good, i was peretty darn amazing myself on the ps3 version, but after a week of not playing my skills went to shat...dont know if i can ever be as good as I was before

blusoops2563d ago

This track is exclusive to WipeOut 2048 which is only on the PS Vita.
I think this game has 13 new tracks not on the ps3 version AND on top of those also has all of the PS3 version tracks to allow for cross platform play. It also has 20 ships to choose from.

Also, the tracks are much wider than the ones on the ps3 game which makes it easier for new comers to master.

I think this will be a day one purchase for me along with uncharted.

Razongunz2563d ago

yeah i'm thinking of getting this day one, i love how the gameplay looks and plays..never played wipeout so this is a fresh one for me.

will also get uncharted and then i will get more aswell..depends on how much money i have saved up when it releases..but i told myself to get atleast 3 launch titles which is gonna be wipeout uncharted and littleBigPlanet/modnation racers