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aviator1892362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Damn, that screen looks insane.

CynicalVision2362d ago

It does look good, do you think it's real-time?

PirateThom2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

The VGA trailer is going to be gameplay apparently, plus the textures on the leaf are somewhat jaggy, not perfect like a bullshot would be... might be the real deal.

Nitrowolf22362d ago

wouldn't be surprised if it was

from the news paper looks like it'll be about some sort of virus. England declares martial law and the quarantine fails in new mexico

I. want more

DarkTower8052362d ago

Fyi, there is a theme available in the psn store for download.

iChii2362d ago

Wow, I'm stunned. Looks like its gonna be about some sort of infection according to this:

PLEASE SONY, let this game be a survival emotional game or something.

Micro_Sony2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

This is %100 a Quntanic Dream production.

The images dont lie.

For those of you saying EPIC please stop it - the unreal engine is not capable of producing slim fine images and only does thick stuff. see

Gear newspaper

Half Life newspaper

Heavy Rain Newspaper

Resistance Newspaper

Crysis Newspaper

t0mmyb0y2362d ago

Damn those look good. Nice when you don't hear about a new IP until it's not too far away.

sikbeta2362d ago

By the Gods, I demand this game to be shown NOW!

blumatt2362d ago

Sony's gotten smarter as of late and usually provides gameplay footage of their games instead of pre-rendered. E3 is proof of that. Hopefully, like you guys said, this is gameplay footage like usual.

Dee_912362d ago

I dont know if any of you keep up with this illuminati stuff, but theres thing about population stabilization and what not and with the president on the front cover first thing came to my mind was corrupt government tried to stabilze the population but the virus got out of control.
Cant wait to see what its actually about

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zeeshan2362d ago

Who are the revs behind this? GG?

Deputydon2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

This game definitely isn't going for realism, the newspaper dispenser says, 'made in America'.

InfectedDK2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

This might be a stupid question but why haven't anyone thought of a Fallout game??????????????? Or Left 4 Dead????????????

DigitalRaptor2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

@ Micro_Sony

I was thinking the same. Look at the HEAVY RAIN textures and graphics. The models look of a very similar nature.

QUANTIC DREAM being behind this is VERY likely! A zombie/infected game with actual emotional storytelling? Knowing that, I can't wait! =D

SilentNegotiator2362d ago

The image isn't real time. This reminds me so much of the original Halo Reach bullshots ( ); A ridiculously high resolution and no jaggies whatsoever.

I mean, are people REALLY still falling for bullshots? It must be REALLY disappointing to actually play a console game you apparently thought would have 16xAA and a resolution higher than the consumer TV can display.

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DaveMan2362d ago

Sony does it again.

If Uncharted 3 is any example of how FAR the ps3 can be pushed, then I have no doubt that screen is real time.

This setting up to be something awesome.

calibann2362d ago

''Sony does it again.'' Oh settle down for gods sake you haven't seen any gameplay yet you fool.

Saladfax2362d ago

Okay, so Sony is doing an excellent job with the marketing aspect of this reveal. Assuming the reveal itself lives up to the level to which it's being hyped, then it will be a complete success.

However, don't congratulate Sony for crafting something which looks pretty; such an action is similar to thanking Samsung after you watch Inception on your plasma TV.

humbleopinion2362d ago

Only it's not.
It's definitely in engine of course: you can see that from the leaf textures. But it's a supersampled shot with max LOD: just like we see in almost every PR shots in todays games.

ryhanon2362d ago

I've really gotta hand it to them, they're teasing this *just* right. I'm intrigued but not annoyed. It's perfect.

Will be crossing my fingers that it remains something I'll be interested in after the big reveal.

HeavenlySnipes2362d ago

If those are ingame graphics I'll...I'll...


Pozzle2362d ago

Omg the detail in the broken glass!

LF912362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

It's got to be something to do with a virus because, the link SuperM posted has a image of a news paper which at the bottom says 'The president addresses a panicked nation as millions more are feared dead or infected' Damn I didn't see yellow13 beat me to it.

sikbeta2362d ago

Holly S***! They did it? they finally did it!? a Survival Horror game developed by SCE, OMG! can't wait for it, I'm so hyped now!!!

SilentNegotiator2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

But this isn't being touted as a "screenshot" like the latest image. That image has been around for a while.

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blackmamba7072362d ago

has to be new Quantic Dream game, I can smell QD vibe in it - something refreshing with great storyline, just like Heavy Rain

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Liquid_Ocelot2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

direct link:

This is crazy:) can't wait. The website now says "12.10.2011" ;)

O_O is that.... Is that Obama in the second picture [in the article]

Ascalon942362d ago

yeah it looks like him but they cut the rest of the face out i guess to stay away from legal matters

ScarT2362d ago

My post was spam? lol

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Intentions2362d ago

Lol its funny how all the comments above are saying its in game, no one knows if its in game yet it could be CGI you never know.

Its also funny when Halo: Reach VGA trailer was first shown ps3 owners automatically said it was in CGI yet it was using in game engine.

jukins2362d ago

I wonder if this will turn out to be the survival horror game that cliffy b wanted to make so bad after gears of war triology was finished.

LarVanian2362d ago

Seriously, who the hell is developing this? Man, just bring on Saturday!

DanielMan2362d ago

Most popular guesses range from Sony Santa Monica, to Quantic Dreams, to more possibilities like Epic Games.

dgonza402362d ago

would Epic games make a PS3 exclusive? Maybe multiplatform, but an excclusive is a stretch :p

im hoping it's quantic dream. I just finished heavy rain over the weekend and i thought it was amazing. It was cinematic and moving, which is what i'd like from a apocalyptic game (and believe is needed).

Silver_Faux2362d ago

GG were reportedly working on a new title a few years back, heres proof.

frostypants2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

It's not Epic. I guaran-freaking-tee it's not Epic. None of this...not the graphics in the shots, nor how this is being their style at all.

My money is on Quantic Dream, given their known grasp of cutting edge graphics on the PS3. There's a reason why they're the most popular guess.

a_bro2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

at first i stated that i was going to pull the wild card here and say it was epic, im now retracting that statement... UE3 cant pull graphics like that screenshot of that forest.... I'll eat my heart out if it did....

Im guessing Quantic Dream...

Me-Time2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Quantic Dream. I haven't played Heavy Rain (I want to), but this game will be so amazing if it's made by them. I gasped when I read, "Im guessing Quantic Dream...", because how AMAZING WOULD THAT BEEEEEE!

That's a good point, damn it.

and an opinion article

Ethereal2362d ago

I think the made in America on the last screen kinda hints a US based dev.