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MogKnight: "I like the new additions, I just don't like how they handled the accessibility of certain menus. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this later in the future as they have in the past. People are still having issues connecting to Xbox Live but it will smooth itself out later. Those that want the old dashboard are pretty much out of luck as this is a mandatory update if you even want to connect to Xbox Live. Overall, I love it. Good job Microsoft!"

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darthv722446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

at first i didnt know where everything was. Took an hour basically to get the apps and learn the layout. I was worried about the game marketplace not showing the different areas (demos, indie, arcade...) but i got it all squared away now.

Really slick and just like the previous dash...adverts are not intrusive. Cant wait to try out epix and youtube when that gets released.

I tried the bing search for "xmen" and found a funny parody song of "born this way".

edit: it would be different if there was a required advert you had to view before watching a vid or even playing a game. As it is....doesnt bother me.

I only wish paying for something would do away with ads but unfortunately my tv provider and especially...internet provider have other ideas.

Yi-Long2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

... when you're paying for a service like XBL Gold, there shouldn't be any adverts at all, to be honest.

Downloaded it this afternoon, and only had a very brief look so not sure if I like it yet.

Janitor2446d ago

Took an hour? That's about 59 more minutes than I ever spend at one time on the dashboard.

darthv722446d ago

yeah i get you. I was exploring all the new stuff. I like to be thorough.

SockeyBoy2446d ago

I love the new update, and i know this is going to sound weird, but i dont mind the ads, makes the xbox feel more like a media center. The only thing i dont like is that isn't much visual experience on the background, I had an awesome halloween background and i cant really see it now.

darthv722446d ago

when the notion of themes came out with the NXE and then they changed it to NXE 1.5 made my theme from NXE 1.0 no longer useful.

So now we have NXE 2.0 and again my theme isnt very useful. I do find it funny how some of my friends are holding teddy bears and others are counting sheep. Surprised they didnt have them sucking their thumb or clutching a blanket.

Still funny to see.

MogKnight2446d ago

I'm still sitting on my Castle Crashers Theme since the first NXE. After not changing it for awhile, I really haven't noticed it.

I really don't mind the ads myself. They were always on the dashboard prior to this update. Heck, just like you, I think it adds a bit of background to the silence.

mcstorm2446d ago

Ive been a windows phone 7 user for over 12 months now and love the metro ui its a nice change from all the other phone os icons out there simple to use and just works and i have been part of the beta on the 360 for the past few weeks and again i really like it too. I am glad ms have decided to go down this ui on all there products as it eill help people use different ms products but also know its a ms product too. I know it wont be for everyone but thats why we have choice in different products and in life. But i do think the metro ui along with kinect windows phone 7 anf windows 8 next year ms are in for a very big year again. And also ms have stopped being the same boring old style company they have been for years and given us a fresh aproch to IT again.

darthv722446d ago

this "companion" thing I saw in the settings. What is that for? Can you sync your phone to the 360?

My next phone is a wp7 not because of XBL but because I want one.

IHateYouFanboys2446d ago

im disappointed with the companion app for WP7 to be honest.

it was kinda touted as letting you control your 360 with your win phone 7, but all you can do is search for content on your phone and then go to it on the 360 by clicking it on your phone.

you cant browse your media that is stored on a NAS/PC, nor can you even tell them to play on the 360. basically, its only useful as a remote for watching movies/tv shows from the zune marketplace. big disappointment.

darthv722446d ago

like it too will evolve to do more stuff as time goes by. It sounds like a neat idea. I did some reading about it after my post and not sure if will ever get there but I was envisioning remote play on your wp7.

mcstorm2446d ago

It all depends on what you expected from it. But what it will let you do is search for things with Bing and bring ulit up on your Xbox. If your playing a game it will show you the game you are playing and let you see info about the game set info on what you want people to see of the game your playing. It will also let you control Zune for example you find Coldplay on there click the song or video and then click play it will open it on the Xbox for you where you can control it from or hit the home button on the phone and you can then start growing again ECT. I expect it to get YouTube support when its out and I also think ms will end up adding it into the Xboxx live hub on wp8 next year.

For me I was impressed with it but then again I never expected it to brows my home server as it acts on its own not on the 360. But I can see this app getting better over time just like Windows phone 7 and the Xbox dash has over the years.

3GenGames2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I hate it. I hate the "apps" tab, the "bing" tab that's just a crappy branded Xbox market search tool, I hate how they took the main object of booting and selecting to play a GAME away. I mean it's not terrible, I just prefer the previous way of navigating and it's option and placement and such. It's a 360, that's a videogame system if you don't know.Now they've made it look like a windows phone 7 POS UI, which they're doing at the sacrifice of usability. Screw that idea, different devices have different UI's because they work better for that device. This UI is intrusive and really bad from that standpoint. Not that it's the worst I've ever seen, but it's far from being anywhere new "good" quality even.

Ugh, I can't believe I'm stuck using this new dashboard. >.<

darthv722446d ago

the first screen where it says to open the disc tray (to play a game) or quick launch (games). It is right there in front of you.

Cant get any simpler than that.

3GenGames2446d ago

Yeah, but it's not the mainly focused thing on the screen. I don't know if you know that but that's the main reason why the last Dashboard was great, you know what you were doing. This new dashboard is a great example how NOT to do that and it's very poor.

Rageanitus2446d ago

Much better than the previous one.

Less clutter and good thing they got rid of the avatar on every screen.

Problem is it feels like its made more for a tablet or PC environment.

Hufandpuf2446d ago

a next-gen xbox in 2012-13? Ha, this is MS's way of saying "Were're in it for the long run".

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