Epic dubious of Vita's chances against smartphones

Epic president Mike Capps has said the developer is holding off on developing titles for Vita until the platform sees success in the Western markets.

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CynicalVision2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I don't think thee Vita is even competing with smartphones, two different markets.

Is the 3DS having trouble against smartphones? Nope.

knifefight2446d ago

That was gonna be my comment.
They're not fighting for the same demographic.
They're both handheld and both have some overlapping functions, but that does not mean their audience is the same.

darthv722446d ago

its a phone.

Other than that a dedicated gaming unit is the way to go if you are serious about your games.

Army_of_Darkness2446d ago

the handheld as well as the smartphone audiance judging by its tech and abilities.. And I have to admit, this is the first handheld that I feel the need to get!!!

blumatt2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Just imagine if they HAD made a SKU for the Vita where it's a phone too. For like maybe $400 (and subsidized with a 2yr contract to like $200) you could get a Vita that had cell phone functionality too. THAT would be SICK!!!! Do it Sony.

But yes, as it stands now, the Vita isn't really competing directly with smartphones. It's competing with the DS and 3DS.

NEW-AGE2446d ago

Thats Stupid Why did they even Release the EPiC CITADEL demo showing off how much better it looked on NGP than iphone4?

MaxXAttaxX2446d ago

1- Vita isn't meant to compete with phones. It's not a phone.
It competes with the 3DS in the handheld gaming console market.

2- I would care for your opinion a little more if any of your games appealed to me, but they don't. Sorry Epic.

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cpayne932446d ago

Yeah, people said the 3ds couldn't compete with smartphones. After it comes out and sells poorly, they act like they were right, but the reason it wasn't selling was because the price was too high and there was a lack of games. Now that it is at an excellent price point, and has plenty of games coming in, it is selling very well. Shows there still is a handheld market after all.

The Vita is going after a different market than smartphones, and I believe it will do fairly well.

mcstorm2446d ago

I have to agree wih you smart phones are not hurting handhelds are they are made for 2 different things. The onlyy think sony and nontendo need to worry about with there handheld consoles is each other.

metsgaming2446d ago

Thats the problem with alot of these third party devs they just sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to gain sales. Well if you created a game for it then more people would buy it ! If third parties put out games then more people would buy the hardware.

This is why its so important to have first party games because you can never count on third parties being there. They will just wait on the side line for the hardware to "prove itself". I hate this sort of thought process.

MasterCornholio2446d ago

Exactly which is why the 3DS had no good games at launch because developers didn't have confidence in the device. But due to the price drop that's changing. The good thing about the Vita is that many devs are confident in it which is why there's so many games at launch with many more to come.


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TeaDouble_E2446d ago

Watch the Vita sale skyrocket and then seeing Epic change their statement

darthv722446d ago

their $$ is in the PC/console market. You dont see them making games for the 3ds do you?

tarbis2446d ago

they're already on the iOS bandwagon with Infinity Blade

MasterCornholio2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Not true. The 3DS isn't seeing support from epic because the handheld is too weak to run the unreal engine. The main culprit is the weak GPU, GPU and low ammount of ram.

"The second Nintendo releases a piece of hardware that can run our engine well, we'll be on it like water on fish. There's nothing against Nintendo. I hate that people somehow think that's the case. If we felt it could run [Unreal Engine] and deliver the kind of experience people license our technology to build, we'd be on [the 3DS]."


hard joe2446d ago

didn't epic make games for apple products?

darthv722446d ago

for pointing that out. Yet technically an apple "mac" could be considered a PC (personal computer) and I know of at least 1 unreal-esq title on the IOS.

OptimusC2446d ago

OHhhhh okay... so they are going to wait to make games until it becomes successful... so they are technically saying:

"We are going to screw you because we will not give you our software to help boost your handheld in the market with quality games... we don't like to help anybody. They can pay us for the engine we bring, gladly.. but we are already getting paid graciously for why should we need to bother helping out?"

Not a good move on Epic's part here...

DrRobotnik2446d ago

Agreed. It's sad for epic to think that way. I bet if Microsoft came out with a hand held, they be all on that. It's a shame to see a developer pass up a chance to show off there tech on a new high end hand held. Just because of the company of origin. Hell, the 3DS is selling well in the US, but they'll be damned if they release any EPIC games on that system. EPIC, you lost my respect.

D3mons0ul2446d ago

Just put your foot in your mouth, boy that was stupid.

R_aVe_N2446d ago

that is a lie they are already working on Vita games they said that at TGS.

Beetey2446d ago

I don't know if they actually said they were working on something but they definitely inferred it by saying they gave it their support.

tarbis2446d ago

They're working on the engine for the PSV so they can sell it to developers who wants the tech.
It will be a cold day in hell before Epic ever make a game for the PS brand.

Beetey2446d ago

Are my feet getting cold or does Bulletstorm not count for some reason?

R_aVe_N2446d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 says hello....

tarbis2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Beetey and R_aVe_N:
Exclusive. hello? Read properly and if any of you 2 jokers say they don't make exclusive for a single platform. Gears and Infinity Blade says hello too.

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