Microsoft issues "Xbox Games for Change" challenge

Microsoft has issued the global "Xbox Games for Change Challenge" challenge to students, calling on them to design games highlighting environmental issues.

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goldenxbox3878d ago

Go Microsoft, the opposite of a greedy company like Sony !!!

Helping the environment in its time of need is great business sense, and helps build for a stronger future of the industry !!!!!!

Not even Nintendo does anything, so sad !!
Go with green, help the environment, go North American !!!!

rofldings3878d ago

"Go Microsoft, the opposite of a greedy company like Sony !!! "


razer3878d ago

Folding?? PS3 is working on curing cancer so you gotta give Sony props for doing that.

Nintendo is too busy counting their stacks of money to bother with any humanitarian stuff. (just jokes) =)

rofldings3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Also, if you look at Greenpeace's site of the greenest manufacturers...

Again, that whole comment about Microsoft not being greedy is just LOL. Please ... MICROSOFT?! The company that sells buggy software with huge system holes for HUGE premiums, outsources almost all their jobs to India and pay them $5/hour?, the same company whose founder stole GUI from Apple and made billions of dollars off another company's ideas? etc.