Battlefield 3 QBU-88 Glitch Being "Investigated"

DICE has announced to their fans after numerous reports of the weapon QBU-88 being bugged that the glitch is being "investigated".

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Criminal2202d ago

It's one of the weapons I'm excited to use, along with the Famas. I hope they'll get it fixed soon.

Fylus2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I hope you're not excited for the Famas just because of how popular it is on Call of Duty. Now, I'm not assuming anything but as a gun enthusiast, the number one thing that annoys me most is when people think they know everything about a gun just because its their favorite one in Call of Duty.

All I'm saying is; I hope you're excited for the Famas for the actual gun it is. Personally, I'm not a fan of French-made weapons. I'm looking forward to the L85A2. I happen to own a civilian modified version. It's a really nice weapon.

Hufandpuf2202d ago

because it's on COD? No, it's my favorite gun because I used it a LOT on Rainbow 6 Vegas and Counter Strike. In video games it usually turns out to be one of the better guns.

I too want to use the L85A2, I used that a lot in BF2, and still do.

SLEDGE2201d ago

No.... cause of META GEAR!!!!

Fylus2202d ago

Well you weren't the one I was asking but I'm definitely glad you're not one of those CoD elitists I was talking about. It is a good gun; I've shot it for myself and it performs well, but like I said, I'm not one for French models. I'm a Kalashnikov kinda guy ;)

Tapioca Cold2202d ago

L85A2? Is that a sniper rifle?

Camping Pussies.

SLEDGE2201d ago

"Is that a sniper rifle you are using? AUTO-CAMPER"

.. what a douchebag,I need the sniper kit to soflam those tanks, then run about medium range with my spawn kit and assising covering spots.

Fylus2201d ago

The L85A2 is an Automatic Rifle... -_-

You know, for the MEDIC class? God...

Spenok2201d ago

I was playing last night with a few buddies and he was having this issue. So i know its real. I hope it gets fixed as it looks like a pretty cool weapon.