Padvance: My Xbox Live for iPad Preview

Padvance gives its first look at My Xbox Live for iPad. The app brings the Xbox 360 social experience to iOS. Padvance's Raymond Padilla writes, "Microsoft recently released the My Xbox Live app for iOS, which allows Xbox 360 gamers to access their Xbox Live accounts on their iPads and iPhones. The app lets gamers view videos and news on the latest Xbox 360 happenings, browse through their games and achievements, and interact with their Xbox Live friends. While two of those three features aren't that big of a deal, the app shines as a mobile social-networking extension of Xbox Live. Read on for some impressions and screens."

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Nightshade3862447d ago

I downloaded this today after reading this article. It's an interesting app, I'm just not sure how much I need to be checking my XBOX Live profile on my iPhone while I'm on the go.

rpad2447d ago

Messaging and future chat (audio and video) possibilities are where this app is really interesting. I'm curious to see how far Microsoft will go with it. It's potentially great.

2446d ago