MW3 – Robert Bowling Defends Deathstreaks and Talks DLC

MP1st - When it comes to the Modern Warfare series of the Call of Duty franchise, one of the biggest and most controversial issues lies with Infinity Ward’s (and now Sledghammer’s) decision to include deathstreaks in their games.

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iXenon2444d ago

For those that suck (like me), I NEED them deathstreaks! XD

Berserk2444d ago

Don't you think that they are utterly useless. They barely last for 5sec...
But better thank nothing I guess.

DarkTower8052444d ago

They are useless to an extent, but the c4 and marty will net a kill in a cqc area. I don't mind them in MW3, but the painkiller in MW2 was a terrible decision.

blumatt2444d ago

CoD4 had it perfect. Why did MW2 and 3 have to come in and ruin the formula. 3 Killstreaks and NO deathstreaks is how it should still be. As it is, it's too noob-friendly. If you suck, then play more and get better like everyone else. The deathstreaks are pitiful. Can't stand them. And there's entirely too many planes and helicopters in the air getting kills for people. I thought that MW3 was gonna bring us back to the CoD4 formula, but I was dead wrong. I've been playing CoD4 a lot more instead of MW3. That's sad. lol

insomnium22444d ago


I would play MW1 too but the only games I can find are hacked so that you can shoot rapid fire with the 40mm grenade launcher or something.

I wish we could get MW1 back up and running. I could even pay every month to get it back.

Not that I have that much against MW3. I think it's pretty good. I always have a stinger with me for those helicopters :D. Every other COD game after MW1 has sucked but MW3 is actually pretty good imo.

blumatt2444d ago

Actually, man, I played several hours the other night and didn't encounter a single hacked game. I played only team deathmatch for at least 3 hours. CoD4 is just so damn perfect compared to the newer ones. I wish they'd at least offer a gameplay mode in the new games where it's like CoD4 where you just have 3 killstreaks and NO deathstreaks or ridiculous perks.

The maps in CoD4 were also much much better than the new games' maps.

Mikeyy2444d ago


Have you tried barebones at all? They've offered these modes since MW2 I think. As close as cod4 as your going to get.

Try them out!

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FAGOL2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Juiced I understand. But Dead Mans Hand WTF!

It doesn't help you get a kill, it gives you a free kill.

Why should players get punished for playing good?

Plus there's no counter to Dead Mans Hand. Blast shield is useless compared to Flak Jacket in Black Ops.

Edit: I'd also like to add it's CoD. A bit of practice and you become good. There isn't a huge learning curve.

disturbing_flame2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I think it rewards you too easily.

If you want to gain some skill in a game, you must try hard.
You know it's the good old moral, that's true : “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you will not have to listen to his incessant whining about how hungry he is.”
People must learn to be good players and not be retributed for every action they do when they do pretty average.
I think you're getting better when you try and learn.

The real problem of MW3, here it is :

This is the main problem Activision must solve NOW !
Everyone who is playing the game should promote this video, relay it, post it to your friends etc and go ask to Activision why they don't do a thing for that problem that everyone noticed when playing.

So please Bowlings instead of defending very cheap game design that are actually killing COD gameplay, just watch this video and do something for that problem.


Thank you, thank you, thank you...

That is exactly what I have been saying. That video sums it up perfectly. he highlights the problem even more when shows the clip from the other guy talking about how easy it is to play MW3.

I can spend all day bitching about how crap MW3 is and someone else will come along and say I am just moaning because I can't get kills. To him the game is perfect and he can seemlessly destroy a whole team without any problem and it's just the other players who are "easy to kill" and don't know how to play the game.

I felt exactly the same when I played blackops. All this time I have been calling it bullet lag but what he shows in that video is exactly what I mean.

As stupid as it sounds, I was actually starting to wonder if it was just me getting older and my reaction times getting slower or something, but then as soon as I go back to MW2 and Cod4 I have no problem and everything feels just right.. go to blackops and MW3 and I get this crap. sometimes I have good games but I know it's more like a roll of the dice, nothing to do with my skill anymore.

I said it in another post, MW3 feels like you are just endlessly running around spraying and he who has connection wins the spray contest.

Thanks for the video, thats going right to my friends list.

disturbing_flame2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

You are welcome dude.

And it's the same process for everyone.
Everyone is asking themself if they are the only one to see what they are seeing, and they aren't !

It's a real problem that comes from the game itself, from the servers, from the net code, and a problem you can only notice if you know online games. If you're new on COD you'll find this normal because you have no experience about it of course.

Please just spread this video around you if you can. Because it will show to everybody we feel the same and the problem is identiable !
I ask it to you, and all N4G members. Together we can make things change.
Hope someone will make a news of it and post it on N4G too.

ian722443d ago

Cheers for that video. Noticed I always get killed easy, and with one bullet, I put it down to bad lag etc. So its because I have good internet connection (fibre optic, 20mb+).
I've also said before that MW/MW2 and Blops isn't as bad but get called a MW3 hater, which I'm not.

cpayne932444d ago

I'm against the whole idea of deathstreaks in general. IF you're doing bad, you try harder, nothing should be made easier for you, it just isn't fair for other players. Killstreaks are not that bad, you have to earn those, but getting more kills for doing badly? Bullcrap.

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MizTv2444d ago

i think the game is fun but could use some better maps not that i hate them

Criminal2444d ago

Same here. The maps are the weakest in the series.

brodychet2444d ago

They just need more variety. Everything's close-combat. Small maps, and even the ... maybe 2 that aren't completely tiny, they're just full of Close-Quarter battles only.

Sillyace922444d ago

I'm fine with them too as long as it doesn't penalize other players too. And that's what is happening with Final Stand and Hollow bullets.

princejb1342444d ago

dam you final stand
it sucks having to down someone and someone else gets the kill while their on final stand
they should fix this like in black ops

Hufandpuf2444d ago

One fan asked if they would ever consider releasing a free DLC that strictly included Modern Warfare 2 maps.

The only fun map was Terminal. The rest were meh.

Criminal2444d ago

Terminal is a great choice, but I liked Favela and Sub Base too.

SwiftShot2444d ago

Highrise was the best!
Stupid terminal campers in the plane lol


I suppose the noobs have got to have something to make them feel better about being a noob. personally I just don't see why someone should get rewarded for being shit.

As for the maps, don't get me started.. we know they are not going to be free.

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