Final Fantasy Type-0 International Release Remains Doubtful "Earlier last week, it was reported that Final Fantasy developer and publisher Square Enix had confirmed Final Fantasy Type-0, the company's latest PlayStation Portable epic, was set to be localized for an international release. While this is amazing news for all fans, there remains some lingering doubts about this announcement, largely due to how it was made and the lack of official information from the Japanese publisher."

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mephman2387d ago

I thought the same too - why announced the localised Western version in a Japanese guide?

They were clear to mention "International", which is a very different property in Japan. They often have "International" versions of their main Final Fantasy games.

jacksonmichael2387d ago

Hm. Well that's simultaneously interesting and frustrating.

Kurisu2386d ago

I wish they would just add English subs and menus and be done with it! >.>

Spenok2386d ago

Couldnt agree more. When i read the article i was bummed. What went from hopeful to confirmed, now drops down to doubtful... :(

Simon_Brezhnev2386d ago

I was wondering if i got a Vita would i be able to play this. I refuse to buy a psp for one game.

Kurisu2386d ago

That will depend if Type-0 releases on the PlayStation Store. If it does then yes, you will be able to download it and play it on the Vita.

Spenok2386d ago

Heres hoping it does.

D3mons0ul2386d ago

What? Was the Xenoblade announcement false too?

Spenok2386d ago

No, that was officialy announced.

radphil2386d ago

Something of interest to note in the comments below the article:

"Actually, the word "International" was used by Andriasang in their report of this story, but this is not related to the traditional "International" versions released by Square Enix. Thing is, in the Ultimania guide, Hajime Tabata used the word "kaigaiban", which means "overseas version" in Japanese. When they refer to the "International" version, they use the English word. Rest assured, as what Tabata said in the guide definitely is: "we are working on the overseas version"."