What Happened to Old School RPGs?

In the last several years, there's been an evolution in RPG games that has seen some of the oldest concepts of the genre forgotten and treated as bad words. But is this necessarily a good thing? PushStartSelect looks at what's happened to RPGs and why a return to old-school dynamics may be best for the genre.

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fluffydelusions2413d ago

From what I hear most classic type RPG's reside on handhelds now but I dunno but I don't own any until PSV comes out that is.

Army_of_Darkness2412d ago

Hopefully it gets classic style JRPG's like the PSP:)

Come on chrono cross 2!!!

darthv722412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

the evolution of gamers happened. We old folks that remember the good times of phantasy star and final fantasy have been passed up by the younger more demanding gamer.

If the systems do 3d and hd these gamers are going to want that.

What happened to the old school RPG?....nothing.

I have several I can pull out and play with game saves still in tact. My kids look at those and played that?

Godmars2902412d ago

Given all of its social and control features, I'm a bit concerned about JRPGs on the Vita. Yes with PSP BC there will be some one it, but what direct JRPG have been announced for it?

What happened is that JRPG devs weren't ready to move on from PS2 production levels. They didn't know what to do, and yet they also had to deal with increased production cost and added effort besides.

kevnb2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

All the old style console games are almost dead, everything is more PC style now. Shooters, first person rpgs, hybrids that remind me of system shock. Sure there are still racers, fighters, and sandbox games... but overall consoles are doing what you used to need a PC for. Mind you I still prefer gaming on PC for other reasons, rts is still my main genre and I like game styles originally designed for PC best on PC. And above, plenty of those rpgs still get made and sold in Japan. They don't usually come over though, they wouldn't be worth the cost as any anime heavy RPG not named final fantasy has almost been a guaranteed flop in north America.

Tuxedo_Mask2412d ago


I think the lack of support for JRPGs that aren't Final Fantasy has more to do with a lack of marketing than a lack of an audience. Final Fantasy games usually have great marketing campaigns, beginning with FFVII and growing larger from there. How many commercials have you seen on TV for Persona 3 or 4?

I don't think the anime style has anything to do with it either. One of the most successful JRPGs in the West has an actual anime series tie in as well as multiple anime movies. What is the name of this JRPG? Pokemon.

This is why Namco Bandai and other JRPG studios get so much criticism from fans, because if they actually took the time to market their game they might actually sell as well as FF games. I'm not saying that they should make an entire show for them like Pokemon does, but they could at least pay for a commercial or two.

papashango2412d ago

Bethesda happened. Even as buggy as they were bethesda games killed old school rpgs

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guitar_nerd_232413d ago

I guess I'm old too- I tend to agree with this article.

Classical JRPG goodness... those were the days...

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The_Nameless_One2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

What happened?

Enix got bought by Square that's what happened.

Der_Kommandant2412d ago

Square Enix killed them all

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