TGH: The Dark Eye Leaps Off The Page in Demonicon (Preview)

TGH Writes: The most successful RPG in Germany, outselling the well-known Dungeons & Dragons, is The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge in Germany). The pen-and-paper game itself is incredibly detailed and the world carefully constructed – making it a challenge to bring it to life in a way that will meet the standards of fans who have dedicated time and energy to playing The Dark Eye for years.

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ShadyDevil2239d ago

This is a lot darker than the other titles that Kalypso has worked on. It looks bloodier as well which is always a plus. And its on PS3, so far all positive things.

D3mons0ul2239d ago

Sweet. Can't say I have ever played a German RPG before. Show us what you got, Germany.

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