TotalPlayStation: EyePet & Friends Review

TP: Obviously a game like EyePet & Friends wasn't meant for the "gaming crowd", but rather for the children of that crowd who (hopefully) aren't going to be allowed to play Saints Row: The Third and probably can't handle the intricacies even of something like ICO. Those same kids don't want to be left out in the cold in a gaming household, so Sony wants to make sure they get hooked early with titles like EyePet.

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MultiConsoleGamer2331d ago

The EyePet is exceptionally creepy looking.

killcycle2330d ago

How the hell is the little doggy type thing creepy?
Kids absolutely love it whats wrong with you?

MultiConsoleGamer2329d ago

Kids don't like this game at all and the series is a flop in America.

Its a hideous little demon looking thing, soulless and evil just like Sack Boy