Microsoft Releases Official Xbox LIVE App for iOS Owners

Xbox LIVE has released the official Xbox LIVE app for iOS owners. This is a universal app that is designed for all iOS devices. This free app will allow you to say connected to the Xbox LIVE community when you are away from you console. More about the app and a link to download it are at the link.

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fluffydelusions2268d ago

Cool cept I don't own iOS device. Android FTW

blumatt2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I hope to see Sony do the same so that we can stay in touch with PSN friends. Good to see MS branching out and allowing iOS users to stay in touch with their XBL friends. I'll be downloading this soon. (XBL: Blu Matt PSN: blumatt)

I think everyone knows you like Android by your avatar. That was absolutely unnecessary. Why is that Android fans are the ones that bash everyone else? You don't see NEARLY the amount of iPhone fans do the same. I've got an iPhone 4s and I enjoy it. It does everything that I need it to do (and more). I had first gotten an Android (Galaxy S2), but I hated not being able to integrate as easily with my iTunes content. DoubleTwist works okay, but not great. So, I took it back and got me a 16GB iPhone 4s and it's just great.

Disccordia2268d ago

Sony has an official app for ios I have had it installed for about a year now.

egidem2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

@Disccordia's disagrees

Only problem is the lack of a North American region availability, but it can still be installed.

ryhanon2268d ago

I think I speak for everyone when I say: Thank you so much for letting us know that this means nothing to you and that you have an Android device. We are grateful. Truly. Words cannot express it. Our lives are now complete. We can die now, fully contented with the knowledge of your mobile operating system of choice that you have bestowed upon us.

SITH2268d ago

In other words, nobody cares.

egidem2268d ago

It's no secret that Micro$oft hates Android with a passion.

Highlife2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I love android too but I don't have to let everyone know. You could have just said it would be nice if they had an app for android as well.

Don't see why android makes them more money than WP7

UltimaEnder2268d ago

Glad to hear it's universal, they also came out with the WP7 one today, I wonder if they will do Android?

Letros2268d ago

The Xbox Companion app is exclusive to WP7, this is just a basic XBL app, should be on android too soon enough.

gamingdroid2268d ago

The Xbox Companion app is to control your Xbox 360 via your phone. The iOS XBL app is and has always been part of WP7.

Wouldn't surprise me if an Android app is coming soon as well.

Letros2268d ago

Yep, I have a WP7, gotta say, the companion app is pretty awesome.

Dlacy13g2268d ago

@gamingdroid, I hope they do release an Android App as I would pick that up in a heart beat. As is, I use the Spark 360 app which works well but isn't free.

fooxy2268d ago

Bummer... does not support older gen ipods :{ iOs 4.x and up only, that sux

n4f2268d ago

just like sire going to iphone 4 android and wp7 a hack will surly come

_Aarix_2268d ago

Woah you have ios 3 0.o

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The story is too old to be commented.