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Can the accuracy of Playstation Move make this game a success? Now that digital gymnasiums are becoming more and more popular, it is good to see fitness games that are at least trying to provide an alternative to strengthen your body while providing some privacy. It is, at least, less daunting way to exercise than at public gyms.

Move Fitness is Sony’s attempt to provide you that digital gym.

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MultiConsoleGamer2297d ago

Owning the Wii, Balance board, Kinect and the PS Move...

So far the Kinect games give you the best workout.

thekiddfran2296d ago

What fitness games have you played with the move?

cpayne932296d ago

The kinect is going to be better suited for exercise games due to the full body tracking. All the move can really give you is upper body.

LeShin2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I've got EA Sports Active 2 the other day for the PS3 which interestingly doesn't use the Move at all, but comes with 3 motion sensors which so far work perfectly (2 for the arms 1 for a leg) giving me a full body (painful) workout :-) This I heard is the best version as it doesn't need the camera so you don't need as much space as the Kinect and you don't need to worry about lighting conditions.

kikizoo2296d ago

lol, someone don't know that sony had a camera before ms...

Ps eye + move >>>>>>>&g t; kinec, for workout not so much, but for real games, ohhhh yeah !

Micro_Sony2296d ago

They need to make a Kinect P90X or Kinect Insanity.

Snap into a slim Jim.

jneul2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

you better go dust of your kinect then lol:-D
I played the demo and would agree it only lets you down with the lack of variety of exercise's and no real motive to come back again, seeing the 1:1 controls tho, they could have made this so much more content wise...

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