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Trendy Gamers: I support the re-release of older games. Whatever the platform (XBLA, Wii Virtual Console PSN, Steam, etc.), it’s nice that companies are willing to provide older titles to the public. For fans of the game, it’s a great chance to experience some nostalgia. For those who haven’t played them, it’s a chance to see what they missed out on. Square’s PSN re-release of their PS1 re-release of Final Fantasy V allowed me to play this game for the very first time.

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guitar_nerd_231607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

But its fun! Poke, poke, poke...

I personally love it, the ultimate FF 4 crystals story.

If you like other FF games and haven't played this don't let this score sway you- you won't regret it!

God dammit I fancy a replay now I might have to grab it on PSN.

TrendyGamers1607d ago

Yeah, even though the score is low, $10 for a core Final Fantasy is a good deal.

BootHammer1607d ago

Not the best FF in the series by any means but at least it's priced at $10. That is worth the admission for fans looking for some nostalgic gameplay.

Megaman_nerd1606d ago

For me FFV is one of the worst FF games but not as bad as FFIII.... I hate FFXIII but even FFXIII is more worthy of the name than those two.

Chrono1606d ago

The game's excellent. We don't get JRPGs that are half as good as FFV these days.

_Aarix_1606d ago

Lost odyssey says hi but yes there isn't much else.

Nerdmaster1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

The best FF for me is X. But even so, V is the one I played the most times. The job system is so addictive.

It's strange that the job system, the biggest selling point of the game, only got a really short mention in this review.

TrendyGamers1606d ago

I can't wait for that HD FFX!

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