Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

Blog and video for upcoming PS2 update of Twisted Metal series.

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solar3760d ago

twisted metal 2 was the crap! loved that game. and by checking out those screens im seeing what looks to be some TM:2 lvls. i hope so.

Kleptic3760d ago

Twisted Metal: head on for the PSP was effectively the true version of Twisted Metal 3...and it did share a few levels with Twisted Metal 2 for the PS1 (paris being the most memorable)...

Singletrac/Incognito did not make the original Twisted metal 3 and 4...regarded by many as absolute crap games when compared to 1 and 2...Twisted Metal Black brought Jaffe back into the driver's seat with the franchise, in which he directed both 1 and 2 also...and this expanded version of Head On has jaffe and campbell in charge of it (despite not being an Incognito game this time, its a new studio...but a lot of the same people)...

can't wait for this...and a PSN related interview had a guy saying it would be available on the PSstore later this year?...I will probably just buy the DVD of it instead anyway...I don't own a PSP, so never owned Head On, and this has enough extra stuff to make it worth the wait...

big thing though is that I hope a full tilt PS3 twisted metal game is developed by Eat Sleep Play...Twisted Metal black was one of my all time favorite PS2 games...and and TM 1 and 2 topped the list on the PS1 for me...probably overall my favorite gaming franchise, along with MGS...I simply don't count TM 3 and 4 though...

solar3760d ago

hey Kleptic thx for the info. i havent kept up with the TM franchise because i cant picture playing anything else but TM:2. i had many many hours of head to head with buddies that i dont see another TM topping. the controls, the physics of the cars, it was perfect. i may have to have ya lemme know how this is :D

Kleptic3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

if you liked TM 2...definitely check this out...or even TM black if you have never played it...

all the great control, speed, physics, and destruction are back...and TM black had some of the best graphics of any PS2 game...

TM 2 was always my favorite growing up...but TM black had even better environments, kept all the great cars while adding a few (brimstone being awesome), and some ridiculously awesome/creepy/dark character stories that are still unmatched...of course that is all my opinion...but most people that love the series always argue back and forth between TM 2 or Black being the best...head on was also great, but lacked the mass appeal because of its handheld nature...this full PS2 version of Head On could very well be the overall best package of Twisted Metal released so far...

solar3760d ago

well my man, you convinced me to go out and rent black. that is if i can find it.

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Omegasyde3760d ago

Why is this game not on the PS3?

xsteinbachx3760d ago

"When myself, Scott Campbell (my partner in crime) and a handful of other Incognito folks left the SCEA mothership about eight months ago, we told everyone we were working on three new games for PLAYSTATION 3. And we are … work is moving along nicely on our first new PLAYSTATION Network title and we’re hoping to let you guys/gals in on it soon. But we’ve also been working on this: Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition "

please read the article so you don't look like a fool.

Robotz Rule3760d ago

Twisted Metal rocks!

BTW anyone know if you can play PS2 games online via PS3?

Kleptic3760d ago

I was wondering the exact same thing...

it doesn't work, or at least didn't work, for Killzone a while back when i tried it...but that is the only online equipped PS2 game I own...

I really hope there is a way to put in PSN support for us PS3 owners that will be playing the game...I don't own an adapter for the PS2, and its pretty doubtful that the 5 people that did have one of those still have any interest in PS2 gaming online...