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Eric of writes:

"Last night Sony kicked off the San Francisco Vita Hill Social Club, giving gamers an early opportunity to check out the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s new handhed offers a slew of new features, and one of the big draws is the touch screen. The event featured a few of Sony’s flagship titles, some new to the portable space, and for the most part the games shown off were impressive. Though if the games aren’t priced right, it could mean the Vita will get off to a slow start."

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CynicalVision2356d ago

Pretty decent preview, I don't mind the prices of the memory cards since I'll be buying the games from retail so I'll only need the cheapest one.

Kurisu2356d ago

I was thinking about getting a big memory card and downloading games but yesterday I purchased Child of Eden digitally on PS3 and my download speed is...beyond ridiculous. I think for that reason I am going to have to stick with retail.

morkendo2356d ago

i know this has nothing to do with vita

has anyone besides me heard a NEW CONTRA game coming to ps3?? in 2012
source IGN.COM

rrquinta2356d ago

I don't plan on buying a Vita right away, but this preview did make me want one more than I did before. I also agree that it's a shame Sony is still doing the same crap they always do with their memory cards, but there's not much to be done about it.

morkendo232356d ago

@ morkendo

i've seen a pre-demo of it but only shown the fire C!!

nevin12356d ago

"I was told there will be an option to take these swipe prompts out, and I hope there will be, because they just scream “gimmicky."

There is a god.

blusoops2356d ago

"With so many other options for gaming on the go, the Vita really needs to set itself apart from the competition in areas other than graphics."

The only other options for me are my iphone and ipad, which are basically the same experience. The vita is different, not because of graphics, but because of the combination of analog sticks, buttons, and front and rear touch screen. Add to that PS3 and PSN connectivity and i'd say Vita is the BEST option for gaming on the go or on a portable. Still a day one purchase for me!

TooTall192356d ago

Yeah Vita will be the best, but there is even more competition. OnLive just released the free smartphone/tablet app. They also have a universal controller now.

blusoops2355d ago

So I'll have to place my tablet or phone on my lap and then carry a controller? Sounds cool in theory, but I'll stick with the vita where the controls and screen are one device in my hands.

TooTall192355d ago

It's not as portable as a Vita. If you have to hang out for a while in one place and you have room for a controller would be the best situation.

They also have a touch controller scheme, and some games have touch screen controls implemented.

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