Bethesda to Allow Skyrim Access to More PC Memory (Highlander Reviews)

Bethesda at last give PC gamers what they've wanted for years.

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Series_IIa2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

The tail end of 2011 and still hardly any support the 64bit kids.

kevnb2175d ago

i see it coming, 32 bit oses are quickly becoming extinct.

slayorofgods2175d ago

"64bit kids"

The 64 bit revolution is coming on strong now. Cheap memory, pre-installed 64bit OS's in new pc's, and new apple os's that only support 64bit.... I'd have to say the 64bit kids have taken over.

The 64bit era has now begun..... Developers are just figuring that out.

Kushan2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

According to Steam's user surveys, 55% of machines are running a 64bit OS.

I should point out, however, that this change can also benefit 32bit Machines as the game will be able to address 3Gb of RAM instead of just 2.

Norad62175d ago

4GB memory support is coming? Yay!!! :D

ninjahunter2175d ago

Im sure skyrim would be amazing, along with the 0 other games that use 8 gigs of ram.

arjman2175d ago

I reach 4 gig usage on BF3 due to Origin and Chrome running at the same time (along with normal processes)...

baboom2232175d ago

highlander... wait a second. wasn't this the reviewing site that whined about how skyrim wasn't goty?

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