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Submitted by UltimaEnder 1455d ago | article

Xbox 360 Metro Update Dashboard Impressions

From the feature article:

"Well, despite the fact that it didn’t quite roll out early in the morning as planned, Microsoft has finally provided Xbox 360 users around the world with a bold new interface, the first one being introduced for the system in three years. But this isn’t just a basic menu upgrade that features a bunch of gimmicky stuff. No, believe it or not, it’s actually quite useful, especially if you’ve been looking for new ways to exploit the usage of your Kinect. That said, it isn’t quite perfect, but Microsoft is certainly getting there. Once you download and install the new interface (which prompts automatically and only takes a few minutes at best), you’ll notice a screen featuring a big window in the middle and four smaller windows, two on each side of it. Usually, the bigger screen is saved for highlights, while the smaller ones indicate games that just came out, or other advertised content. Now, it’s no secret that Microsoft has become notorious with ads and promotions, and the new interface has plenty of them. That said, they don’t entirely clutter the space here, and you can skip through menus rather easily." (Xbox 360)

UltimaEnder  +   1455d ago
I actually really like the new style and color scheme...
limewax  +   1455d ago
My one complaint is the tab you use to launch a game is 1/4 the size of a massive love film advert that is sitting right next to it. It just makes it feel less gaming focused to me
UltimaEnder  +   1455d ago
I agree with that, maybe that will balance out over time...
gamingdroid  +   1455d ago
Well the console is no longer aimed at "gamers only" now. The same a PC isn't just for gaming.

I don't see why that is an issue?

If anything, my Xbox 360 is one tricked out Swiss tool now.

Am I missing something?
LaurenKB123  +   1455d ago
Looking forward to all Microsoft's software to have similar graphical styles...
kevnb  +   1455d ago
I hate it, they better not go overboard with this garbage on windows...
Dr Face Doctor  +   1455d ago
You might not want to google Windows 8.
kevnb  +   1455d ago
Ya tried the alpha build, quickly found a way to disable that atrocious start menu via reg edit. Cant understand the disagrees, metro is fugly and inefficient. On Xbox the ads are the main focus lol.
Focus  +   1455d ago
Maybe its because I like moving with the times, but the moment I updated to the NXE from the Blades, I never looked back, I absolutely loved it and thought those who were complaining about missing the blades were just letting nostalgia get the best of them.
As much as I loved the NXE, I'm totally in love with the new Metro.
For those of you who don't have a 360, you should know that its more than just a new look, it really feels new and very upgraded. Xbox Live has become the dashboard if i can put it that way. Now pressing X to view the details of the game in the disc tray not only lets you install the game and view achievements, but also lets you view downloadable content for the game, rate the game out of 5, check out videos and pictures of the game and check out related games. And all in one section.
My only grievance is that they still haven't gotten around the menus and stuff blocking my themes! I want to be able to see more of my background. It's a trivial grievance but a grievance nonetheless.
I love the bing photos though
IronFistChinMi  +   1455d ago
I agree with all of that. I'd just add that I'm also very impressed with the way Kinect & WP7 have been integrated too.

Love Bing photos as well, pretty much the main reason I switched from Google on my pc!
gamingdroid  +   1455d ago
My biggest gripe is definitely the theme and the ability to customize more.

That said, I think the newer themes should be designed around the new dash. I'm not sure what MS can do as they have so much content to show and yet I feel there is plenty of space left.
BuffMordecai  +   1455d ago
The last dashboard was a lot better organized, but I'll give it time.
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