Mass Effect First Week American Sales Performed Better Than Reported? Yes, says Bioware

On the official Bioware forums, forum posters were discussing as to whether or not Mass Effect first week sales of 200,000 were impressive for the critically acclaimed title, using Vgchartz' American sales chart for the week ending November 24th, 2007. Jarrett Lee, a marketing manager at Bioware, posted this message:

"Through official channels the current sales quantity (which I can't share, so don't ask) is considerably better. Not sure about Vgchartz's methodology."

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chester3759d ago

so i guess n4g's not the only group that questions where the f*ck vg gets their numbers from.

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360sucks3759d ago

yea right
mass eflop
just like black friday

razer3759d ago

of insecure fanboys. LOL! btw genious this is BIOWARE talking not Microsoft.

Who am I going to believe?? A site like VGAChartz that guesses at the numbers or the actual Marketing rep for BioWare who gets the hard numbers?? Hrm, that is a tough one..

gamesblow3759d ago

Xbox 360 13 million units sold world wide
Mass Effect 200,000 units sold world wide

That's a disappointment... no matter how you cut it. Sorry.

Lex Luthor3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

By your logic:

Heavenly Sword a failure
Lair a failure(lol)
R&C a failure
Eye of judgement a failure

Soon... Uncharted


gamesblow3759d ago

Actually, Uncharted released on the 19th of November and has sold 190,000 units already. They're working on an install base of over less than half of what the xbox 360 is doing... With that said, Uncharted preformed better than mass effect.

Chew on that for awhile.

razer3759d ago

that is what this article is about.. It is saying that VGAChartz 200k is dead wrong.

jcgamer3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

According to vgchartz, Mass Effect sold over 300,000 copies worldwide the first can feel however you want about the numbers... that's cool, no problem...but make sure you post the right numbers...

EDIT: and whoever disagreed, do the math with me...and this is ONLY according to vgchartz...
America - 192,993
Europe/Others - 112,576
For a first week total of *drum roll* -305,569

Bladestar3759d ago

@gamesblow - say no more... Lex Luthor and the others just owned your @$$... I guess you already watched the 11 blu-ray movies Sony gave you when you purchased the PS3.

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